Titan AS-V.1

The only AS-V blaster: the Titan AS-V.1.

An air system vessel (abbreviated as AS-V or ASV with N-Strike number codes) Nerf blaster is a type of substantially larger air system blaster.


The air system vessel is a class for blasters significantly larger than air system blasters, hence the name "vessel". Apart from this, the air system vessel series is essentially a replication of the air system line, as they share the same firing method and many other similarities. This is also the only blaster class to already fill the slot of where the number would go.

The only Nerf blaster in this group is the Titan AS-V.1. Because of this, this series is the first series to not be expanded on after only a single blaster, which would later be followed by the electronic clip system, electronic belt-fed and electronic revolver series.

As of late 2013, alongside the air system line, the air system vessel line has not been continued into the replacement N-Strike Elite series.

List of air system vessel blasters

Image Name Year
Titan AS-V.1 Titan AS-V.1 2004
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