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Not to be confused with the Just Toys AirZone brand.

Air Zone, later renamed to Stats Blast, is a brand of dart blasters that began in the late 2000s.

They were exclusively sold at Toys "R" Us retail stores.


The Air Zone brand consists generally of re-releases of Buzz Bee, X-Shot, Lanard, and Prime Time Toys dart blasters. They have also adopted other brands that are not as well known into their labels, such as Banzai.

Blasters re-released as Air Zone products differ from their original counterparts in only color scheme and occasionally name. The brand is also known for re-releasing their blasters under numerous different names.


The Air Zone brand began in the late 2000s, re-releasing existing products under their own name, as exclusive release to Toys "R" Us retail stores only.

Within a few years, their blasters had changed color schemes multiple times, similar to Buzz Bee and their Air Blasters line. For example, in 2011, a variety of blasters were re-released under a red color scheme.[1]

The brand went through a name change in 2015, to the now-current Stats Blast moniker. In 2017, when Toys "R" Us filed for bankruptcy, the brand was discontinued; it was not revived when the toy store would start back up in 2019.

Air Zone products


Name Year released
ArrowstormAirZone.jpg Arrowstorm 2009
PunisherGatlingBlaster.jpg Punisher Gatling Blaster 2009
PowerStrike48.jpg Power Strike 48 2010
QuickfireAutoFedBeltBlaster.jpg Quickfire Auto Fed Belt Blaster 2011
QuickfireSniper.jpg Quickfire Sniper 2011
8DartsBlaster.jpg 8 Darts Blaster 2012
DualAmmoBlast.jpg Dual Ammo Blast 2012
RogueAirZoneRed.gif Rogue 2012
TurboFireAirZone3.jpg Turbo Fire 20 Shot 2012
TurboFireAirZone.png Turbo-Fire 2012
X-ShotVigilanteZombie.jpg Vigilante 2012
Dual3.gif X-Shot Dual 2012
X-ShotXcessZombie.jpg Xcess 2012
BallShooter.jpg Ball Shooter 2013
DoubleBarrel-AirZone.jpg Double Barrel Blaster 2013
FoamDartShooter.jpg Foam Dart Shooter 2013
QuickfireEagletImpactX.jpg Impact X 2013
X-ShotZombieMicro.jpg Micro X Shot 2013
OverUnder-AirZone.jpg Over Under 2013
RotatorX8-AirZone.jpg Rotator X-8 Revolver 2013
RenegadeAirZone.jpg Renegade 2014
XtremeDartBow.jpg Xtreme Dart Bow 2014
20ShotMachineBlaster.jpg 20 Shot Machine ?
Unknown.jpg 4 Dart Blaster ?
8Shooter.jpg 8 Shooter Dart Blaster ?
Unknown.jpg Air Zoomer ?
BlastBazooka AirZone.jpg Blast Bazooka ?
BlowBlaster-Airzone.jpeg Blow Blaster ?
CrankingCannon-Airzone.jpg Cranking Cannon ?
AirZoneCrossBow.jpg Cross Bow ?
DartBow.jpg Dart Bow ?
Quickfire12Box.jpg Double Barrel Shooter ?
DualFireDartBlaster.jpg Dual Fire Dart Blaster ?
DualShot.jpg Dual Shot ?
Unknown.jpg Fire Shot ?
FoamDartBlaster.jpg Foam Dart Blaster ?
Unknown.jpg Foam Disk Shooter ?
Hawk redbox.jpg Hawk ?
TheHawk.jpg The Hawk ?
JaguarBoxAirZone.jpg Jaguar ?
MechTommy20 AirZone.jpg Mech Tommy 20 ?
MotorizedRotaryRapidBlaster.jpg Motorized Rotary Rapid Blaster ?
MotoTwinFireBlaster.jpg Moto Twin Fire Blaster ?
Panther AirZone.jpg Panther ?
PhotonBurst.jpg Photon Burst Power Blaster ?
PowerboltBeltBlaster.jpg Powerbolt Belt Blaster ?
Quickfire12.jpg Quick Fire 12 Shooter Double Barrel ?
QuickfirePowerstrike24.jpg Quick Fire 24 ?
QuickFireSharpShooter.jpg Quick Fire Sharp Shooter ?
Quickfire6.gif Quickfire 6 ?
Quickfire10SinglePack.jpg Quickfire 10 ?
GatlingBlaster white.jpg Quickfire Gatling Blaster ?
QuickloadPowerBlaster.jpg Quickload Power Blaster ?
RADS12 AirZone.jpg RADS 12 ?
RingAcclerator AirZone.jpg Ring Accelerator ?
RocketStorm.jpg Rocket Storm ?
ScorpionBow.jpg Scorpion Bow ?
BallBlaster-Sentry4.jpg Sentry 4 ?
ShellShockX6-AirZonebox.jpg Shell Shock X-6 ?
StealthAirZone.jpg Stealth ?
StrykerCB3.jpg Stryker CB-3 ?
Unknown.jpg Tek 3 ?
Tek6AirZone.jpg Tek 6 ?
Tek10Red.jpg Tek 10 ?
TetraRaptor.jpg Tetra Raptor ?
TetraStrike blue.jpg Tetra-Strike ?
Tommy20 AirZone.jpg Tommy 20 ?
TornadoX2.jpg Tornado X2 ?
TriFire.jpg Tri-Fire ?
WindAttack8.jpg Wind Attack 8 ?
X-ShotStalkerZombie.jpg X Shot Stalker ?


Name Year released
AirZoneArrows.jpg Arrow Refill Pack ?
MicroDartAirZone 100 2.jpg Micro Dart Refill Pack ?
XtremeDartAirZone 100.jpg Xtreme Dart Refill Pack ?

Product sets

Name Year released
DualDoubleXcessTwinPack.jpg Dual Double Xcess Twin Pack 2014
2PackFoamDartBlaster.jpg 2-Pack Foam Dart Blaster ?
8DartFoamBlaster 2Pack.jpeg 8 Dart Foam Blaster 2 Pack ?
6PackFoamBlaster.jpg 6 Pack Foam Blaster ?
8ShooterDartBlaster 2Pack.jpg 8 Shooter Dart Blaster 2 Pack ?
DiscShooterCompetitionSet.jpg Disc Shooter Competition Set ?
Unknown.jpg Disc Shooter ?
XShotDualAirZoneDouble.jpg Double Dual ?
Unknown.jpg Hurricane Blaster Pack ?
Quickfire6TwinPack.png Quickfire 6 Twin Pack ?
RingAccelerator.jpg Ring Accelerator Twin Pack ?
RogueAirZoneTwinPack.gif Rogue Twin Pack ?
ShootnShatter.jpg Shoot 'n' Shatter ?
Tek34Pack.jpg Tek 3 Four Pack ?
Tek10Red.jpg Twin Tek 6 ?
TwinTek6 AirZone.jpg Twin Tek 10 ?
WindAttackTwinPack.jpeg Wind Attack Twin Pack ?
X-ShotXcessAirZone2.jpg Xcess Double Pack ?

Stats Blast products


Name Year released
Powerstrike9.jpg Power Strike 9 2015
Revolution.jpg Revolution 2015
StatsBlastCyclone.jpg Cyclone X5 ?
DestroyerXL.jpg Destroyer XL ?
Drumroll.jpg Drumroll ?
Unknown.jpg Dual Fire Dart Blaster ?
GatlingQuickFire box.jpg Gatling Quick-Fire ?
ImpactX StatsBlast.jpg Impact X ?
NeoSpike.jpg Neo Spike ?
Popzooka.jpg Popzooka ?
QuickfireAutoFed blue.jpg Quickfire Auto Fed Belt Blaster ?
Rapid8.jpg Rapid 8 ?
RenegadeAirZone.jpg Renegade ?
Unknown.jpg Sentry ?
TornadoX2.jpg Tornado X2 ?
TriFire.jpg Tri-Fire ?
X-ShotVigilanteZombie.jpg Vigilante ?
WindAttack Stats.jpg Wind Attack ?
X70.jpg X-70 ?


Name Year released
XtremeDart 100.jpg Xtreme Dart Refill Pack ?

Product sets

Name Year released
DivergentDual.jpg Divergent Dual Twin Pack 2017
HoverBlast.jpg Hover Shot 2018
6PackFoamBlaster StatsBlast.jpg 6 Pack Foam Blaster ?
ThunderMultiPackBlaster.jpeg Thunder Multi Pack Blaster ?
WindAttackTwinPack StatsBlast.jpg Wind Attack Twin Pack ?



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