Air Tech is a series of Nerf blasters that was released in 2002.


Air Tech blasters are all air-powered, with exceptions of the Air Tech 1000 and the Air Tech Ball Blaster. A few of these blasters sported unique gauges that filled with liquid to show how much air pressure the blaster has.

The series was the first to be released without the involvement of Larami, although previous Larami designs were later adapted for this line. Blasters such as the Air Tech 1000, Air Tech 2000, Air Tech Jet Squadron, and the Air Tech Ball Blaster were all redesigns or otherwise very similar to previously-existing Larami blasters.


The series was not continued on to 2003. When the Nerf packaging was redesigned in 2003, the Air Tech 1000, Air Tech 2000, and Air Tech 3000 were re-released. All three blasters would later make a re-appearance in the 2004 Action Blasters line.

The Air Tech Ball Blaster was given a new moniker, the Reactor, and was released in the Atom Blasters, Action Blasters, and Ball Blasters lines.

Air Tech products


OfficialHasbroAT1K Air Tech 1000 2002
Airtech2000 Air Tech 2000 2002
Airtech3000HD Air Tech 3000 2002
Air-tech4000 Air Tech 4000 2002
Atbb Air Tech Ball Blaster 2002
ATJSK pic Air Tech Jet Squadron 2002
AirTechJetBlaster Unknown Air Tech jet blaster 2002

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