Air Blasters is a series of Buzz Bee dart blasters that began in 2008.


Air Blasters was the series that Buzz Bee Toys produced toy blasters under from 2008 until 2011, with some carryover to 2012. Many of these blasters were released under the Air Zone label as well.

While the line is now discontinued in most of the world, it is still sold overseas in some countries, where new blasters are sold under the Air Blasters label and not Air Warriors.


The Air Warriors series acts as a successor to this series; many blasters within the Air Blasters series were re-released under the Air Warriors series with no changes.



Name Year
AutoTommy20 Automatic Tommy 20 2008
BlastBallzookabox Ball Blastzooka 2008
BigBlast Big Blast 2008
BlowBlaster Blow Dart Shooter 2008
ClipTekbox Clip Tek 2008
AirBlastersDoubleShot Double Shot 2008
BuzzBeeDiskShooter Disk Shooter 2008
MechTommy20 Mech Tommy 20 2008
Unknown Mega Missile 2008
PirateFlintlock Pirates Flintlock 2008
RapidFireTek Rapid Fire Tek 2008
SingleTekBox Single Tek 2008
Tek4 Tek 4 2008
Tek6Original Tek Six 2008
Tek6 Tek Six (2005) 2008
Tek10 Tek Ten 2008
Thunderbolt Thunderbolt 2008
Tommy12 Tommy 12 2008
BeltBlastergreen Belt Blaster 2009
Berserker Berserker 2009
ClipBlaster10box Clip Blaster 10 2009
Tek3 Tek 3 2009
Thunderstrike Thunderstrike 2009
AirTek8 Air Tek 8 2010
IMG 0047-1- Barbarian 2010
Hunter Hunter 2010
TetraStrike Tetra-Strike 2010
RADS12 RADS 12 2011
Surge6 Surge 6 2011
Surge10 Surge 10 2011
TorrentOriginal Torrent 2011
Turbo12 Turbo 12 2011
Cougar Cougar 2012
Jaguar Jaguar 2012
Rogue Rogue 2012
AutoTek20 Auto Tek 20 2013
Derringerbox Derringer ?
Unknown Laser Tek 8 Cancelled
PumpTek Pump Tek Cancelled


Air Blasters Extreme

Main article: Air Blasters Extreme

The Air Blasters Extreme series featured air-powered blasters with boosted ranges, compared to that of standard Air Blasters releases. It was later folded under the Air Warriors series as Air Warriors EXTREME.

Ultimate Blasters

Main article: Ultimate Blasters

The Ultimate Blasters series featured blasters that could be connected to one another, to form an "ultimate blaster" loadout.


  • A marshmallow blaster named the Mini Marshmallow Attack was also released within the Air Blasters series. It was re-released under the Air Warriors series.
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