AirJet Power is a series of Nerf blasters that was released in 1999.


AirJet Power blasters are typically air-powered, implied by the name of the series. This was the only series to use Screamin' Arrows.[1]


The series lasted for three years before it was discontinued in 2001. It was joined by the AirJet Power Plus line, which came out while AirJet Power was still in stores. The AirJet Power series outlived the AirJet Power Plus line despite its stance as a successor of sorts.

The AirJet Power line was succeeded by the Air Tech line in 2002.

AirJet Power products


Name Year
LightninBlitzBlaster Lightnin' Blitz 1999
Nerf wildfire Wildfire 1999
TripleStrike Triple Strike 1999
SecretShotIIBlaster Secret Shot II 1999
StingerHD Stinger 2000
Rapid fire 20 Rapid Fire 20 2001


  • Despite no blasters that fire Ballistic Balls being released in the series, refill packs of Ballistic Balls were released with the AirJet Power series logo.[2]


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