The AeroFury is a Nerf blaster that was released in spring of 2018 under the Nitro series. It requires four "AA" batteries to be operated.

It comes packaged in the AeroFury Ramp Rage product set.


The AeroFury fires Foam Cars instead of darts.

It is battery-powered, and is similar to the MotoFury, but is much smaller and holds fewer cars at once. It has an internal clip that holds up to two Foam Cars.

A sliding lock/safety switch at the bottom side of the grip prevents or allows the rev switch under the grip from being activated. When the rev switch is activated, the trigger can be pulled, which lifts a gate preventing the second car from moving forward, and lowers the gate that allows the first car to roll down toward the single flywheel. The flywheel propels the car forward by pressing down on the top of the car as it passes under the flywheel. Releasing the trigger returns both gates to their original positions, allowing the second car to roll into the front position.


The AeroFury, along with its product set, had an early release in winter of 2017.


  • It is the first Nitro blaster that does not use traditional Nitro colors.


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