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The Aeon Pro is an Adventure Force blaster that was released in October of 2020 under the Tactical Strike series.

It comes packaged with a barrel cap, half-length dart magazine adapter, a twelve half-length dart magazine and twelve Pro Half-Length Darts.

It is a Walmart exclusive.


The Aeon Pro is a clip system blaster. It is essentially a smaller version of the Nexus Pro with a slide-action priming mechanism and no shoulder stock attachment point. It has a short Picatinny rail above the muzzle and a subtle set of iron sights on the priming slide and barrel.

It is compatible with Nerf clip system clips and darts.

It advertises a firing range of up to 125 feet (thirty-eight meters).

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In 2021, this blaster alongside with Nexus Pro was re-released under the Dart Zone Max series for Canadian and European markets.[citation needed]


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