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Adventure Force is a Walmart toy brand that includes dart blasters created and produced by Prime Time Toys, Buzz Bee, and Zuru. It began in 2016.

It is a Walmart exclusive.

One series exists under the brand: Tactical Strike.


Many of Adventure Force's blasters are re-releases of other Prime Time Toys blasters, mostly from their already existing Dart Zone brand. Buzz Bee and Zuru blasters have also been released under the brand with name changes, although some blasters such as the X-Shot Vigilante were released without a name change.

The brand also releases other toy blasters, such as water blasters and light-up, non-firing, role-play blasters, as well as toy cars and play sets.

Adventure Force products


Prime Time Toys

Name Year released
EnforcerBeltBlaster AF.jpeg Enforcer Belt Blaster 2016
Havoc AF.jpeg Havoc 2016
Legendfire AF.jpeg Legendfire 2016
Powerbolt AF.jpeg Powerbolt Belt Blaster 2016
TriMax.jpeg Tri-Max 2016
LightCommand.jpeg Light Command 2017
Quatroblast.jpg Quatroblast 2017
ScorpionMotorizedBlaster AF.jpeg Scorpion Gatling Blaster 2017
Commandfire.jpeg Commandfire 2018
DoubleTrouble.png Double Trouble 2018
SavageSpin.jpg Savage Spin 2019
VTwin.jpeg V-Twin 2019
Spectrum.jpeg Spectrum 2020
Sportsman.jpeg Sportsman 2020
Villinator.jpeg Villainator 2020
Dinoblitz.png Dinoblitz 2021
Afmatrixfire.png Matrixfire 2021
Jurassicblue.png Blue Blaster 2022
Pyroraptor.png Pyroraptor 2022

Buzz Bee

Name Year released
AlphaRogue.jpg Alpha Rogue 2017
ClashCombat.jpg Clash Combat 2017
Decimator.jpg Decimator 2017
Eradicator AF.jpg Eradicator 2017
ExactAttack.jpg Exact Attack 2017
AF Crossbow.jpeg Crossbow 2018
NightAttack.jpg Night Attack 2018
ThermalTracker.jpeg Thermal Tracker 2018
Doublefire.jpeg Double Fire 2019
FranticFury.jpg Frantic Fury 2019
MaxMorpher.jpg Max Morpher 2019
BattleBlazer.jpg Battle Blazer 2020
RebelMech.jpg Rebel Mech 2020
Springfire.jpg Springfire 2020
Adventure force sling shot.png Sling Shot 2020
Afthundershot.png Thundershot 2021
Aftetrashot.png Tetrashot 2021
Aftriggerfire.png Triggerfire 2021
AlphaAuto72.png Alpha Auto 72 2022
Blitz6.png Blitz 6 2022
Cataclysm.jpeg Cataclysm ?


Name Year released
Superdrum.jpeg Super Drum 2018
Hypershot.png Hypershot 2019
Hyperspin.jpg Hyperspin 2019
MaxHavoc AF.png Max Havoc 2020
BarrelBreaker AF.jpeg Barrel Breaker TK-3 ?
Vigilante AF.jpeg Vigilante ?
Destroyer.jpeg Destroyer ?

Product sets

Name Year released
DuelForce.jpg Duel Force 2-Pack 2017
Duelshot.png Duel Shot Set 2021
Afequalizerbox.png Equalizer Set 2021
Afflicter.jpeg Afflicter ?
Arsenal AF.jpg Arsenal ?
Clashforcecombo.png Clash Force Combo ?


Name Year released
ExactStrikeDart 35.jpeg Exact Strike Dart Refill Pack 2017
Super dart AF.jpeg Super Dart ?
100 surefire AF.jpg Waffle Tip Dart ?
LongDistanceDart AF100.jpeg Excel Dart ?
SuctionDart AF20.jpg Suction Dart Refill Pack ?

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