Not to be confused with the Nerf Action series.

Action Blasters is a series of Nerf blasters that was released in 2004.


While a series on its own, Action Blasters merely acted as a placeholder series; all blasters released under it were re-releases of other previously existing blaster. A number of Nerf Sports products were similarly repackaged under either the "Pro Shop" or "Street Zone" lines, both of which were offshoots of Action Blasters.


Similar to the Ball Blasters series, certain blasters in the series were sold up until the beginning of the N-Strike series. With the exception of the Big Bad Titan, most of the blasters in this series had been discontinued by then.

This was the first series to not have any entirely new blasters. Certain previous series, notably the Hyper Sight, Max Force 2112 and Mega Blitz lines, contained re-released blasters, however all had included at least four new blasters.

Street Zone/Pro Shop

Nerf Street Zone Logo

The Street Zone series logo.

The Street Zone and Pro Shop series are offshoots of the Action Blasters line. It features a brief selection of sports products, and most notably the Complete 2-Player System, the first Dart Tag product, under the Street Zone label.

The series is not to be confused with the unrelated Street Zone Football.

Action Blasters products


Name Year
AT1K Pic Air Tech 1000 2004
Airtech2000 Air Tech 2000 2004
Airtech3000HD Air Tech 3000 2004
HNR45525lg Atomizer 2004
NerfBigBadBow Big Bad Bow 2004
Titan AS-V.1 Big Bad Titan 2004
Reactor Reactor 2004

Blaster sets

Name Year
Techtarget2 Tech Target Set 2004

Pro Shop products

Name Year
Mini Sport Pack Mini Sports Pack 2004
ProShopNerfoop Nerfoop 2004
Unknown Nerfoop Pro 2004
NitejamNerfoop Nite Jam Nerfoop 2004
ProShopProGripFootball Pro Grip Football 2004
ProGripMini-orangepackaging Pro Grip Mini Football 2004
ProShopSoccerBall Soccer Ball 2004
Turbojrbluepackaging Turbo Jr. Football 2004
WeatherBlitzFootballProShop Weather Blitz Football 2004

Street Zone products

Name Year
Imgres Dart Tag Complete 2-Player System 2004
PocketVortex2004Orange Pocket Vortex Football 2004


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