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The AccuStrike Series is a sub-series of Nerf N-Strike Elite, N-Strike Mega, ULTRA, and Rebelle blasters that was released in spring of 2017.[1]


The AccuStrike Series introduces new AccuStrike Darts that are designed to be more accurate and have less spread than standard Elite Darts. This is proved by comparing several dart designs.[2]


Nerf engineers spent two years designing the AccuStrike Series line, focusing on the new dart design and balancing blaster performance to allow for increased accuracy and stability.[1]

The AccuStrike Series was originally leaked online, with images of the AlphaHawk and series-specific darts showing up on September 15 and September 20, respectively.

It was officially announced on October 5, 2016.[1]

The AccuStrike Series later was given a release under the N-Strike Mega series, with the Thunderhawk and the Mega AccuStrike Darts. It would also be released under the ULTRA series in 2021, with the AccuStrike ULTRA Dart.

AccuStrike Series products


Name Year released
Alphahawk.jpg AlphaHawk 2017
Combow.jpg Combow 2017
Falconfire.jpg FalconFire 2017
FocusFire.jpg FocusFire Crossbow 2017
Raptorstrike.jpg RaptorStrike 2017
TrueTruePoint.jpeg TruePoint 2017
Quad.jpg Quadrant 2018
Thunderhawk.jpg Thunderhawk 2018
AccuTrooper.jpg AccuTrooper 2018
StratoHawk 2.jpg StratoHawk 2018
TalonStrike.jpeg TalonStrike 2018
Nerf Mega AccuStrike Bulldog.png Bulldog 2019
NerfTalon.jpg Talon 2020


Name Year released
Accustrike 12.jpg AccuStrike Dart Refill Pack 2017
Nerf-mega-accustrike-10-dart-refill-wholesale-20831.jpg Mega AccuStrike Dart Refill Pack 2018
AccuStrikeULTRADart 20.jpg AccuStrike ULTRA Dart Refill Pack 2021

Product sets

Name Year released
PrecisionStrikeSet.jpg Precision Strike Set 2017
PrecisionTargetSetProductPackage.png Precision Practice Set 2018
AccuStrikeTargetSet.jpg Targeting Set ?



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