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— The AccuStrike Dart's tagline, as seen on its packaging

An AccuStrike Dart is a type of Nerf dart that was released in 2017 under the AccuStrike Series.


AccuStrike Darts are clip system-compatible darts that are similar to Elite Darts, with the main difference being the spiraled tip. This means they are backwards compatible with any blaster that is able to fire Elite Darts[1].

It features the use of a corkscrew spiraled head, which is designed to help them fly in a more straight horizontal direction. In theory, the darts are supposed to spin when fired[2]. They are also balanced differently than standard Elite Darts and have a different weight distribution[1]. Hasbro engineers apparently designed it to rely on drag to maintain its accuracy.[citation needed]

Unlike many other modern Nerf darts, the AccuStrike Dart has no "Deco" version so far as of December 2019.

Official description


Hasbro engineers reportedly spent over two years designing the AccuStrike Dart.[1]

Color schemes

AccuStrike Darts have been with the following color schemes:

Refill sizes

AccuStrike Dart refill packs come in the following sizes:

Size Price
6AccuStrikeDarts.jpeg 6 2.99 USD
Accustrike 12.jpg 12 6.99 USD
Accustrike24New.jpg 24 9.99 USD
Elite and accustrike dart refill pack.jpg 25 (includes 25 Elite Darts) 9.99 USD
Nerf-accustrike-75-dart-refill-wholesale-16805.jpg 75 34.99 USD


  • Although they're referred to as a more accurate type of dart, accuracy and precision are not the same. Precision is how tight the grouping of projectiles are, while accuracy is how on-center the projectiles are. Because darts naturally fall in flight, AccuStrike Darts have more precision than accuracy at longer distances, but both accuracy and precision at shorter distances.
  • This dart and the Suction Dart are the only two Elite Dart variants that have a different dart head.
  • Some retailers denote them as Precision Darts.



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