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The Accelerator is an Adventure Force blaster that was released in 2017 under the Tactical Strike series. It requires six "C" batteries to be operated.

It comes packaged with a clip-on iron sight, a twenty-five round hopper, twenty-five Tactical Strike Rounds, blue and red team indicator panels, and instructions.


The Accelerator is a semi-automatic, flywheel-powered, hopper-fed blaster. The blaster features an acceleration trigger below the firing trigger. The hopper feeds from a well at the top. The blaster's sides have removable green panels, which can be swapped out for either red or blue panels instead. These panels are used to indicate the user's team, while the green one is just a default panel. There is a jam door on the right of the blaster. The blaster has a diagonal accessory rail on each side; although the rail was meant for the included iron sights, they are also somewhat compatible with Nerf tactical rail attachments.[citation needed]

The blaster's battery tray is identical to blasters such as the RIVAL Khaos MXVI-4000 and the Nemesis MXVII-10K; their battery trays are completely cross compatible. As such, the Accelerator is also able to use the Rechargeable Battery Pack.

The blaster is also compatible with Nerf RIVAL magazines in place of the hopper. Users have noted some feeding issues with the magazines, however. Unlike the hopper, which is gravity-assisted, RIVAL magazines use a spring-assisted follower. Thus, using RIVAL magazines in this blaster will permit firing it upside down.

Official description


The Accelerator was re-released in 2018 as the Dart Zone BallistixOps Velocity; it features various upgrades and changes, including a round agitator that helps feed them from the hopper. In the same year, a "Generation 2" model of the Accelerator was released. This version is identical to the BallistixOps Velocity.


  • Detailing above the Accelerator's name reads "Powered by PT-DZ". "PT" most likely stands for Prime Time, and "DZ" most likely stands for Dart Zone.


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