The 24" arrow is a type of Nerf arrow that was released in 2017 under the Dude Perfect sub-series.


The 24" arrow is designed to be fired from the Dude Perfect Signature Bow. Unlike most conventional arrows, the 24" arrow is comprised of a plastic shaft with a rubber head. There is a hole in the head of the arrow that allows it to whistle. The end of the arrow has a lock to it, so that it locks to the bow mechanism.


The 24" arrow was originally meant to be released alongside the Rebelle Platinum Bow. However, this blaster was cancelled and never made it to shelves; the blaster and its ammuntiion type were later released as Nerf Sports products.

Refill sizes

24" arrow refill packs come in the following sizes:

Size Price
24''arrowrefill 3 8.99 USD