Nerf Wiki

2021 is the fifty-second anniversary for the Nerf brand and the thirty-second anniversary for the Super Soaker brand.


Released products


Alpha Strike

Name Price
Tiger blue.jpg Big Cat DB-2 17.99 CAD
BlastKit.jpg Blast Kit 20.99 USD
Boa.png Boa RC-6 7.39 USD
ClawQS4.jpg Claw QS-4 4.99 USD
Eagle Ops.jpeg Eagle Ops Pack 14.99 USD
MantisLR1.jpg Mantis LR-1 9.99 USD
Slinger Box.jpg Slinger SD-1 2.99 USD

Cross-promotional product

Name Price
6sh.png 6-SH 19.99 USD
Ambanphaseorange.png Amban Phase-Pulse Blaster 52.99 USD
Armorybox.png Armory 20.99 USD
B-ar.png B-AR 41.99 USD
Adopt Me Bees.jpg Bees! 31.49 USD
Strucid Boom Strike.jpg Boom Strike 10.99 USD
PF Boxy Buster.jpg Boxy Buster 10.99 USD
Halobulldogretail.png Bulldog SG 34.99 USD
Mscaptain.png Captain America Strikeshot Shield 20.99 EUR
EnderDragon.jpg Ender Dragon 10.99 USD
Flare.png Flare 15.99 USD
Ghast.jpg Ghast 10.99 USD
Guardian.jpg Guardian 10.99 USD
Heavysr.png Heavy SR 52.99 USD
Msironman.png Iron Man Strikeshot Gauntlet 19.87 USD
MandalorianBlaster.jpg The Mandalorian Blaster 19.99 USD
Halomanglerretail.png Mangler 19.99 USD
MicroBombsAway.png Micro Bombs Away! 10.99 USD
Microyonder.png Micro Y0nd3r 10.99 USD
NeedlerNerf.jpg Needler 9.99 USD
Peelypackbox.png Peely Pack 19.88 USD
PillagersCrossbow.jpg Pillager's Crossbow 26.49 USD
MadCity Plasma Ray.jpg Plasma Ray 10.99 USD
Arsenal Pulse Laser.jpg Pulse Laser 41.99 USD
Megapumpsg.png Pump SG 29.99 USD
MM2 Shark Seeker.jpg Shark Seeker 26.49 USD
SMG-L.jpg SMG-L 49.99 CAD
Smgzest.png SMG-Zesty 31.49 USD
SPNKr.jpg SPNKr 9.99 USD
Stormlander.jpg Stormlander 20.99 USD
Tntbow.png TNTina's Ka-Boom Bow 32.99 EUR
Spidermanwebbolt.png Web Bolt 20.99 USD
Name Price
Emberstrike.jpg Emberstrike 31.49 USD
Fireshot.jpg Fireshot 10.99 USD
Skyblaze.jpg Skyblaze 20.99 USD


Name Price
Dinoclashpackbox.png Dino-Clash Pack ?
RexRampage.jpg Rex-Rampage 39.99 USD
StegoSmash.jpg Stego-Smash 9.99 USD
TriceraBlast.jpg Tricera-Blast 19.99 USD

Elite 2.0

Name Price
Acesd1partypack.png Ace SD-1 Party Pack 31.49 USD
Commander2packbox.png Commander RD-6 2-Pack 19.99 CAD
Loadoutpackbox.png Loadout Pack 19.99 USD
Phoenixcs10.png Phoenix CS-10 29.98 CAD
Name Price
Flip8.png Flip-8 20.99 USD
Flip16.png Flip-16 41.99 USD
Flip32.png Flip-32 59.99 USD


Name Price
Hyper 50canister.png 50-Round Reload Canister 11.99 USD
Hyper 100canister.png 100-Round Reload Canister 19.99 USD
Hypermaskonly.png Face Mask 19.99 USD
Hyper mach.png Mach-100 69.99 USD
Hyper rush.png Rush-40 29.99 USD
Hyper siege.png Siege-50 39.99 USD

Mega XL

Name Price
Bigrig.png Big Rig 20.99 USD
Boomdozer.png Boom Dozer 41.99 USD
Doublecrusher.png Double-Crusher 31.49 USD

N-Strike Elite

Name Price
Dueling2pack.png Dueling 2-Pack ?

N-Strike Modulus

Name Price
Reconmk3.png Recon MKIII 31.49 USD
Ghost Ops
Name Price
Stability Kit.png Stability Kit ?


Curve Shot
Name Price
Flex.jpg Flex XXI-100 14.99 USD
Rivalhelix.png Helix XXI-2000 29.99 USD
Rivalsideswipe.png Sideswipe XXI-1200 24.99 USD


Name Price
AMP.jpeg AMP 29.99 USD
BattleMask.jpg Battle Mask 14.99 USD
UltraFocus.png FOCUS 41.99 USD
Ultraselect.png SELECT 62.99 USD
Scream.jpeg SCREAM MACHINE 34.99 USD
AccuStrike Series
Name Price
AccuStrikeULTRADart 20.jpg AccuStrike ULTRA Dart Refill Pack 10.99 USD


Name Price
DigitalFlipTarget.jpg Digital Flip Target ?
Digitalmultitarget.png Digital Multi Target 24.99 USD
Skeetshotdisclauncher.png Skeet Shot Disc Launcher ?
TacticalTechVest.png Tactical Tech Vest 24.99 USD
TargetComboPack.jpg Target Combo Pack ?

Super Soaker

Cross-promotional product

Name Price
Burst AR.jpg Burst AR 19.99 USD


Name Price
Dino-soak.png Dino-Soak 14.99 USD

Nerf Super Soaker

Name Price
XP20-AP.jpg XP20-AP 8.49 USD
XP30-AP.jpg XP30-AP 13.99 USD
XP50-AP.jpg XP50-AP 14.99 USD

Adventure Force

Name Price
Dinoblitz.png Dinoblitz 9.99 CAD
Duelshot.png Duel Shot Set 6.86 USD
Afequalizerbox.png Equalizer 9.97 USD
Aftetrashot.png Tetrashot 24.97 USD
Afthundershot.png Thundershot 9.97 USD
Aftriggerfire.png Triggerfire 19.97 USD
Afmatrixfire.png Matrixfire 29.97 USD
Air Warriors
Name Price
CompoundBow.png Compound Bow 22.99 USD
Exterminator.png Exterminator ?
Tactical Strike
Name Price
Conquestpro.png Conquest Pro 39.97 USD
Afmonolith.png Monolith 34.97 USD

Dart Zone

Name Price
Dztomahawk.png Tomahawk 60 29.99 USD

Dart Zone Max

Name Price
Aeonpro2.png Aeon Pro 24.88 USD
NexusPro.jpeg Nexus Pro 49.72 USD
Maxstryker.png Stryker 49.99 USD
Maxhalfdartspack.png Max Accurate Half-Length Dart Refill Pack ?

Dart Zone Pro

Name Price
Mk3placeholder.png MK-3 129.99 USD


Name Price
Crusherreflexpack.png Crusher & 2x Reflex 6 ?
Turbocombo.png Turbo Combo ?
Turbofirepack.png Turbo Fire & Fury 4 & Micro 24.99 USD

Dino Attack

Name Price
Dinoextinct.png Extinct 9.99 USD
Name Price
Royalekickback2x.png 2x Kickback ?
Royalereflex2x.png 2x Reflex 6 ?
HawkEye Royale.png Hawk Eye 14.97 USD
Kickback Royale.png Kickback ?
Omegaroyale.png Omega Royale 29.97 USD
Reflex6 Royale.png Reflex 6 9.97 USD
Turboadvanceroyalebox.png Turbo Advance ?