2019 is the fiftieth anniversary for the Nerf brand and the thirtieth anniversary for the Super Soaker brand.


Released products


Cross-promotional products

Name Price
Nerf Fortnite AR-L AR-L 49.99 USD
BlastRepulsorGauntlet Blast Repulsor Gauntlet 15.99 USD
CheetahBeastBlaster Cheetah Beast Blaster 19.99 USD
FortniteElite box Fortnite Dart Refill Pack 9.99 USD
FortniteMega box Fortnite Mega Dart Refill Pack 9.99 USD
StrikerMorpher Striker Morpher Blaster 19.99 USD
Nerf Fortnite SP-L SP-L 19.99 USD
Assembler Gear
Name Price
BlackPantherAssemblerGear Black Panther Assembler Gear 24.99 USD
CaptainAmericaAssemblerGear 2019 Captain America Assembler Gear 24.99 USD
CaptainAmericaAssemblerGear blaster Captain America Assembler Gear 15.99 USD
CaptainMarvelAssemblerGear Captain Marvel Assembler Gear 15.99 USD
HulkAssemblerGear 2019 Hulk Assembler Gear 24.99 USD
IronManAssemblerGear 2019 Iron Man Assembler Gear 24.99 USD
IronSpider2019 Iron Spider Assembler Gear 15.99 USD
MMAssemblerGear Miles Morales Assembler Gear 24.99 USD
RoninAssemblerGear Ronin Assembler Gear 15.99 USD
Micro Shots
Name Price
CaptainAmericaMicroShots Captain America Blaster 9.99 USD
DVaMicroShots D.Va Blaster 9.99 USD
StormtrooperMicroShots First Order Stormtrooper Blaster 9.99 USD
HanSoloMicroShots Han Solo Blaster 9.99 USD
IronManMicroShots Iron Man Blaster 9.99 USD
Nerf Fortnite Microshots Llama 1 Micro Llama 9.99 USD
Nerf Fortnite Microshots RL 2 Micro RL 9.99 USD
Nerf Fortnite Microshots TS 2 Micro TS 9.99 USD
ReyMicroShots Rey (Island Journey) Blaster 9.99 USD
SpiderManMicroShots Spider-Man Blaster 9.99 USD
TracerMicroShots Tracer Blaster 9.99 USD
TorbjornMicroShots Torbjörn Blaster 9.99 USD
Name Price
DVaBlaster D.Va Blaster 29.99 USD
McCreeBlaster McCree Blaster 39.99 USD
ReaperWightEdition Reaper Blaster (Wight Edition) 49.99 USD
ReaperCollectorBox Reaper Blaster (Wight Edition) Collector Pack 129.99 USD
Web Shots
Name Price
Spiderbolt Spiderbolt 19.99 USD

Laser Ops

Laser Ops Classic
Name Price
IonBlaster2Pack Ion Blaster 2-Pack 29.99 USD


ICON Series
Name Price
ICONElement Element EX-6 12.99 USD
IconMagstrike Magstrike 39.99 USD
IconStampede Stampede ECS 69.99 USD

N-Strike Elite

Name Price
41i-bsSPFiL. AC US218 Rukkus ICS-8 19.99 USD
Nerf scooter 1024x1024 Blaster Scooter 129.99 USD

N-Strike Mega

AccuStrike Series
Name Price
Nerf Mega AccuStrike Bulldog Bulldog 19.99 USD

N-Strike Modulus

Ghost Ops
Name Price
ShadowICS6 Shadow ICS-6 24.99 USD


Name Price
71Zd7epXZmL. SL1500 Hypnos XIX-1200 49.99 USD

Zombie Strike

Name Price
Nerf Quadrot Quadrot 9.99 USD
Survival System
Name Price
Nailbiter Nailbiter 19.99 USD
Zoom&DoomBox Zoom & Doom 14.99 USD


Name Price
Nerfelitedartrover Dart Rover 29.99 USD

Super Soaker

Nerf Super Soaker

Name Price
C4a73cae821f28f2ee85d9a177ca8caeab6d639b Barracuda 14.99 USD
13757a Hydra 19.99 USD
1cfd4bd685771642681e963bf2513abd74196ad7 Piranha 4.99 USD
Floodtastic4Pack Floodtastic 4-Pack 19.99 USD


X-Shot Ninja

Name Price
Justice Justice ?
NoRez No Rez ?
QuickScope Quick Scope ?
NinjaStealth Stealth ?
TurboStrike Turbo Strike ?

Unreleased products


Alpha Strike

Name Price
BattalionBox Battalion Set 19.99 USD
CobraDualTargetBox Cobra RC-6 Dual Targeting Set 14.99 USD
CobraSetBox Cobra RC-6 Targeting Set 9.99 USD
Fang Fang QS-4 4.99 USD
FangDualBox Fang QS-4 Load Out Set 19.99 USD
FangDualTargetBox Fang QS-4 Dual Targeting Set 9.99 USD
FangTargetBox Fang QS-4 Targeting Set 7.99 USD
LynxStingerBox Lynx SD-1 & Stinger SD-1 Multi-Pack 19.99 USD
MissionOpsBox Mission Ops Set 19.99 USD
AlphaStinger Stinger SD-1 2.99 USD
StingerQuadBox Stinger SD-1 4-Pack 9.99 USD
StingerEightBox Stinger SD-1 8-Pack 19.99 USD
StingerTargetBox Stinger SD-1 Targeting Set 4.99 USD
Tiger Tiger DB-2 12.99 USD
TigerDualTargetBox Tiger DB-2 Dual Targeting Set 24.99 USD
Wolf lr1 Wolf LR-1 9.88 USD
UltimateMissionBox Ultimate Mission Pack ?

Cross-promotional products

Name Price
AR-DurrBurger AR-Durrr Burger 49.99 USD
AR-E AR-E 49.99 USD
DP-E DP-E 34.99 USD
HCE HC-E 14.99 USD
LegendSupplyBox Legendary Supply Drop 99.99 USD
IceStormBox Micro Ice Storm Collection 49.99 USD
MicroTrioBox Micro Trio 24.99 USD
R-HT R-HT 19.99 USD
RL RL 29.99 USD
SP-E SP-R 24.99 USD
FortniteTargetBox Targeting Set 19.99 USD
TS-E TS-R 44.99 USD
Micro Shots
Name Price
BlackpantherMS Black Panther Blaster 9.99 USD
CaptainmarvelMS Captain Marvel Blaster 9.99 USD
HulkMS Hulk Blaster 9.99 USD
Lucionew Lúcio Blaster 9.99 USD
Mei new Mei Blaster 9.99 USD
MicroARL Micro AR-L 9.99 USD
MicroBattleBus Micro Battle Bus 9.99 USD
MicroHCR Micro HC-R 9.99 USD
Roadhognew Roadhog Blaster 9.99 USD
Name Price
Chimichanga Kronos XVIII-500 ?
Soldier76Blaster Soldier 76 Blaster 129.99 USD

N-Strike Elite

Name Price
Trilogy DS-15 Trilogy DS-15 34.99 USD
TitanCS50-1 Titan CS-50 99.99 USD

N-Strike Mega

Name Price
49802060 2255954554674765 8581927909671829504 n Megalodon 39.99 USD
BattleCamo Series
Name Price
CycloneShock BC CycloneShock 19.99 USD

Nerf Sports

Name Price
Playmak3rs Playmak3rs 14.99 USD


Name Price
KnockoutRed Knockout XX-100 9.99 USD
NewPersesRed Perses MXIX-5000 99.99 USD

Camo Series

Name Price
HeraclesXIX Heracles XIX-500 19.99 USD

Edge Series

Name Price
Unknown Helios XVIII-700 ?
EdgeSeriesRefill High-Impact Round Refill Pack ?
Jupiter Jupiter XIX-1000 49.99 USD
Unknown Kronos XVIII-500 ?
MercuryXIX Mercury XIX-500 24.99 USD

Zombie Strike

Name Price
RevoltinatorNew Revoltinator 49.99 USD
Micro Shots
Name Price
MicroCrosscut Crosscut 6.99 USD
MicroDoublestrike Doublestrike 6.99 USD
MicroFlipfury FlipFury 6.99 USD
Survival System
Name Price
NailXLBox Nailbiter: Zoom & Doom 29.99 USD

Super Soaker

Cross-promotional products

Name Price
Nerf Soaker Fortnite HC-E HC-E 9.99 USD
Nerf Soaker Fortnite RL RL 19.99 USD
Nerf Soaker Fortnite TS-R TS-R 19.99 USD

Adventure Force

Name Price
FranticFury Frantic Fury 19.97 USD
MaxMorpher Max Morpher 19.97 USD

Buzz Bee

Air Warriors

Name Price
Unknown Agitator ?
Unknown Blow Blaster ?
LongDistanceArmory Long Distance Armory 19.99 USD
Unknown Metamorph ?
Unknown Panther ?
PowerMech Powermech ?
Unknown Revolution ?
Unknown Tracker ?

Dart Zone

Dart Zone Pro

Name Price
MK1Collector MK-1 Collector's Edition 179.99 USD


X-Shot Chaos

Name Price
Meteor Meteor 12.99 USD
Orbit Orbit 19.99 USD
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