2018 is the forty-ninth anniversary of the Nerf brand and the twenty-ninth anniversary of the Super Soaker brand.


Released products


Cross-promotional products

Name Price
Apollo Deadpool Apollo XV-700 34.99 USD
Chewbaccablaster Chewbacca Blaster 39.99 USD
GlowstrikeSoloBlaster Han Solo Blaster 29.99 USD
Qirablaster Qi'Ra Blaster 19.99 USD
Assembler Gear
Name Price
IWCABlaster Captain America Assembler Gear 24.99 USD
IWHulkBlaster Hulk Assembler Gear 24.99 USD
IWIMBlaster Iron Man Assembler Gear 24.99 USD
IWSMBlaster Iron Spider Assembler Gear 24.99 USD
IWSLBlaster Star Lord Assembler Gear 24.99 USD

Doomlands 2169

Name Price
Nerf Doomlands Holdout Holdout 9.99 USD

Laser Ops

Name Price
AlphaPoint2Pack AlphaPoint 29.99 USD
AlphaPoint2Pack box AlphaPoint 2-Pack 44.99 USD
DeltaBurst DeltaBurst 49.99 USD

N-Strike Elite

Name Price
Mmexport1525512006246 Deltatrooper 29.99 USD
Infinus Infinus 69.99 USD
NanoFire NanoFire 4.99 USD
ScoutMKII Scout MKII 9.99 USD
Nerf N-Strike Surgefire SurgeFire 24.99 USD
AccuStrike Series
Name Price
Quad Quadrant 9.99 USD
Thunderhawk Thunderhawk 49.99 USD
BattleCamo Series
Name Price
Firestrike BattleCamo Firestrike 14.99 USD
RoughCut BattleCamo Rough Cut 2x4 24.99 USD
NOvg5qWl Stryfe 39.99 USD
Micro Shots
Name Price
Firestrike Micro Firestrike 6.99 USD
RoughCut Micro Rough Cut 2x4 6.99 USD
Strongarm Micro Strongarm 6.99 USD
Stryfemicro Stryfe 6.99 USD

N-Strike Mega

Name Price
Nerf MEGA Tri Break Tri-Break 14.99 USD

N-Strike Modulus

Name Price
MediatorBlaster Mediator 19.99 USD
MediatorBarrel Mediator Barrel 14.99 USD
MediatorStockContents Mediator Stock 14.99 USD
UltimateCustomizerBox Ultimate Customizer Pack 99.99 USD
LongStrike LongStrike 69.99 USD
Ghost Ops
Name Price
Nerf-shadow-ops-upgrade-kit-asst-wholesale-22659 Chrono Barrel 14.99 USD
Evader Evader 39.99 USD
Nerf-shadow-ops-upgrade-kit-asst-wholesale-22661 Reflective Targeting Kit 14.99 USD

Nerf Sports

Name Price
Nerf Vortex Accelerator Vortex Howler Accelerator 12.99 USD
Dude Perfect
Name Price
Nerf Dude Perfect Hoverkup HoverKup 19.99 USD
Nerf Dude Perfect Mini PerfectShot Hoop Mini Perfect Shot Hoop 14.99 USD


Name Price
AeroFuryRampRage AeroFury Ramp Rage 24.99 USD
BarrelKnockout Barrel Knockout 9.99 USD
BarrelSlam BarrelSlam 3.99 USD
Nerf-nitro-double-action-stunt-foam-car-asst-wholesale-20823 Bullseye Blast 9.99 USD
Nerf-nitro-doubleclutch-inferno-wholesale-22649 Doubleclutch Inferno 39.99 USD
Unknown Double Action 9.99 USD
FlameFury FlameFury 3.99 USD
Nerf-nitro-double-action-stunt-foam-car-asst-wholesale-20825 Slammin' Soar 9.99 USD
Slimestream Slimestream 3.99 USD
SparkSmash SparkSmash 3.99 USD
Nerf-nitro-speedloop-stunt-set-wholesale-20799 Speedloop 19.99 USD
Zapblast Zapblast 9.99 USD
Cross-promotional product
Name Price
Nerf Nitro Bumblebee Speedblast Bumblebee Speedblast 29.99 USD


Cross-promotional products
Name Price
StormtrooperBlasterRival Stormtrooper Blaster ?
Phantom Corps
Name Price
Hades Hades XVIII-6000 69.99 USD
Helios Helios XVIII-700 29.99 USD
Kronos Kronos XVIII-500 19.99 USD
Prometheus Prometheus MXVIII-20K 199.99 USD


Vortex VTX
Name Year

Zombie Strike

Name Price
RevReaper RevReaper 24.99 USD
Nerf Zombiestrike Ripchain Ripchain 39.99 USD
Nerf-zombie-strike-wrathbolt-blaster--75C25E3B.zoom Wrathbolt 14.99 USD
Micro Shots
Name Price
Crossfiremicro Crossfire Bow 6.99 USD
Hammershot Micro Hammershot 6.99 USD
Survival System
Name Price
Chopstocknew Chopstock 12.99 USD
Scravenger Scravenger 49.99 USD
Twinslice Twinslice 12.99 USD

Super Soaker

Nerf Super Soaker

Name Price
Floodtastic4Pack-0 Floodtastic 4-Pack 19.99 USD
TRUP9242340001 CF0001 Soakzooka 19.99 USD
SplashMouth Splash Mouth 9.99 USD
TwinTide Twin Tide 12.99 USD

Zombie Strike

Name Price
Dreadsight Dreadsight 9.99 USD
Ripstorm Ripstorm 17.99 USD

Adventure Force

Name Price
Commandfire Commandfire 39.99 USD
AF Crossbow Crossbow 19.99 USD
DoubleTrouble Double Trouble ?
NightAttack Night Attack 9.99 USD
ThermalTracker Thermal Tracker ?

Tactical Strike

Name Price
Quantum Quantum 49.99 USD

Buzz Bee

Air Warriors

Name Price
CovertSquad Covert Squad 24.99 USD
AW Demolisher Demolisher 24.99 USD
Reaper2018 Reaper ?

Dart Zone

SureShot Series

Name Price
SuperDart SureShot SureShot Series Super Dart Refill Pack varies
Titan Titan 19.99 USD


Name Price
Velocity Velocity ?

Stats Blast

Name Price
HoverBlast Hover Blast ?


Name Price
Fury4 Fury 4 4.99 USD
HawkEye Hawk Eye 9.99 USD
Recoil Recoil ?
Regenerator Regenerator 29.99 USD
Xcess 2018 Xcess ?

Bug Attack

Name Price
FlyingBugAttack Flying Bug Attack ?
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