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2017 is the forty-eighth anniversary of the Nerf brand and the twenty-eighth anniversary of the Super Soaker brand.


Released products


Name Price
BandanaWithBlackEyeAdhesives.jpg Bandana with Eye Black Adhesives ?
Blaster strap.jpg Blaster Strap 9.99 USD
CarryCase.jpg Carry Case 14.99 USD
Cinch pack.jpg Cinch Pack ?
DartDumpPouch.jpeg Dart Dump Pouch 5.99 USD
Gear pack.jpg Gear Pack 19.99 USD
Hip holster.jpg Hip Holster 9.99 USD
PortablePracticeTargetMain.jpeg Portable Practice Target ?
TacticalVest2017.png Tactical Vest ?

Alien Menace

Name Price
Voidcaster.jpg Voidcaster 19.99 USD
AlienMenaceDigitalTarget.jpg Digital Target 24.99 USD

Doomlands 2169

Name Price
TheJudgeDoomlands.jpg The Judge 59.99 USD
Negotiator.jpg Negotiator 19.99 USD

N-Strike Elite

Name Price
EliteTarget.jpg Digital Target 19.99 USD
Disruptor.jpg Disruptor 12.99 USD
Rayvenfire.jpg RayvenFire 69.99 USD
Terrascout-recon.jpg TerraScout Recon 229.99 USD
AccuStrike Series
Name Price
Accustrike 12.jpg AccuStrike Dart Refill Pack varies
Alphahawk.jpg AlphaHawk 29.99 USD
Falconfire.jpg FalconFire 14.99 USD
Raptorstrike.jpg RaptorStrike 49.99 USD
BattleCamo Series
Name Price
BattleCamo dart refill.jpeg BattleCamo Dart Refill Pack 11.99 USD
Battlescout BattleCamo.jpeg Battlescout ICS-10 34.99 USD
Splitstrike battlecamo.jpg SplitStrike 19.99 USD

N-Strike Mega

Name Price
DoubleBreach.jpg DoubleBreach 24.99 USD
TwinShock new orange trigger.jpg TwinShock 39.99 USD

N-Strike Modulus

Name Price
BarrelStrike.jpg BarrelStrike 14.99 USD
NERF MODULUS DAY NIGHT ZOOM SCOPE Accessory.jpg Day/Night Zoom Scope 49.99 USD
Regulator1.jpg Regulator 59.99 USD
StockShot.jpeg StockShot 14.99 USD
StorageShield.jpeg Storage Shield 7.99 USD
StorageStock2017.jpeg Storage Stock 7.99 USD
Modulus stryfe2.jpg Stryfe 29.99 USD

Nerf Sports

Name Price
HockeySet.png Hockey Set ?
Putt&Go.png Putt & Go Golf Set ?
TennisSportsSet.png Tennis Set ?


Name Price
Foam Car refill.jpg Foam Car varies
NERF NITRO DUELFURY DEMOLITION Set.jpg DuelFury Demolition 2 Pack 39.99 USD
NERF NITRO FLASHFURY CHAOS Set.jpg FlashFury Chaos 29.99 USD
NERF NITRO LONGSHOT SMASH Set.jpg LongShot Smash 19.99 USD
NERF NITRO MOTOFURY RAPID RALLY Set.jpg MotoFury Rapid Rally 49.99 USD
Throttleshot Blitz.jpg ThrottleShot Blitz 9.99 USD


AccuStrike Series
Name Price
NERF REBELLE ACCUSTRIKE 12 DART Refill Pack.jpg AccuStrike Dart Refill Pack 5.99 USD
Combow.jpg Combow 29.99 USD
FocusFire.jpg FocusFire Crossbow 19.99 USD
TrueTruePoint.jpeg TruePoint 9.99 USD


Name Price
NemesisMXVII10K.jpg Nemesis MXVII-10K 99.99 USD
Artemis-red.jpg Artemis XVII-3000 44.99 USD
NERF RIVAL Flashlight Grip Accessory.jpg Flashlight Grip 14.99 USD
Rival walkie talkie.jpg 10 Mile FRS Walkie Talkie 34.99 USD
NERF RIVAL Red Dot Sight Accessory.jpg Red Dot Sight 14.99 USD
Tactical blaster strap.jpg Tactical Blaster Strap 9.99 USD
TacticalPouch.jpg Tactical Pouch 14.99 USD
TacticalVestRIVAL2017.jpg Tactical Vest 19.99 USD
Team Red bandana.JPG Team Bandana 4.99 USD
Phantom Corps
Name Price
Apollo Phantom.jpg Apollo XV-700 29.99 USD
HeraMXVII1200.jpg Hera MXVII-1200 59.99 USD
FaceMask Phantom.jpg Face Mask 14.99 USD
Phantom Corps bandana.jpg Team Bandana 4.99 USD

Zombie Strike

Name Price
ZS arrow refill.jpg Arrow Refill Pack 8.99 USD
Dreadbolt.jpg Dreadbolt 49.99 USD
Nerf-zombie-strike-foam-machete--33DC9E4C.pt01.zoom.jpg Foam Machete ?
Nerf-zombie-strike-foam-wrench-axe--E8308CDE.pt01.zoom.jpg Foam Wrench Axe ?
2017 zombie strike holster.jpg Hip Holster 7.99 USD
ZS target.jpg Inflatable Target ?
OutbreakerBow.jpg Outbreaker Bow 19.99 USD

Super Soaker

Nerf Super Soaker

Name Price
Dartfire.jpg DartFire 19.99 USD
Freezefire2.jpg FreezeFire 2.0 7.99 USD
Floodinator.jpg Floodinator 14.99 USD
Hoverflood.jpg HoverFlood 24.99 USD

Zombie Strike

Name Price
Zombinator.jpg Zombinator 17.99 USD



Name Price
BarracudaRotoshot.jpeg Barracuda Rotoshot 29.99 USD
K5Phantom.jpeg K-5 Phantom 11.99 USD
SabertoothRotoshot.jpeg Sabertooth Rotoshot 39.99 USD

World Tech Warrior

Name Price
Havoc.jpg Havoc ?
Javelin.jpg Javelin ?
MicroDartBlaster.jpg Micro Dart Blaster ?
MicroDartBlaster2Pack.jpg Micro Dart Blaster 2-Pack ?
Nomad.jpg Nomad ?
Phoenix.jpg Phoenix ?
Prime.jpg Prime ?
Renegade.jpg Renegade ?
Swift2.jpg Swift ?
Venom.jpg Venom ?
WorldTechWarrior darts.jpg World Tech Dart Refill Pack ?


Name Price
BarrelBreakerTEK3.jpg Barrel Breaker TK-3 ?
Regenerator.png Regenerator ?
TurboAdvance.jpg Turbo Advance ?