Nerf Wiki

2016 is the forty-seventh anniversary of the Nerf brand and the twenty-seventh anniversary of the Super Soaker brand.


Released products


Alien Menace

Name Price
Alien menace darts.jpg Alien Menace Dart Refill Pack 9.99 USD
Incisor.jpg Incisor 39.99 USD
Ravager-0.jpg Ravager 29.99 USD

Cross-promotional products

Name Price
Allegiantblaster.jpg Allegiant Blaster 29.99 USD
Allegiantrefill.jpg Allegiant Dart Refill Pack 8.99 USD
Allegiantsixshot.jpg Allegiant Six-Shot Blaster 19.99 USD
Allegianttrainingkit.jpg Allegiant Training Kit 14.99 USD
ReyBlaster.jpg Rey (Jakku) Blaster 19.99 USD

Doomlands 2169

Name Price
DoubleDealer.jpg Double Dealer 39.99 USD
Persuader.jpg Persuader 12.99 USD
Impact Zone
Name Price
DesolatorHD.jpeg Desolator 29.99 USD
LongarmHD.jpeg Longarm 19.99 USD


Name Price
AerialDroneNew.jpg Aerial Drone 99.99 USD
Bowstrike.jpg BowStrike 7.99 USD
GlowShot.jpg GlowShot 7.99 USD
OnTheGoBlasterKeychain.png On the Go Blaster Keychain ?
PrecisionFirePlayKitBox.png Precision Fire Play Kit ?
SharpFireDelta.jpg SharpFire Delta 9.99 USD

N-Strike Elite

Name Price
DisruptorTwoPackBox.jpg Disruptor 2-Pack ?
NERF-N-Strike-Elite-Dual-Strike-Blaster--pTRU1-22065414dt.jpg Dual-Strike 19.99 USD
Hyper-Fire.jpg HyperFire 49.99 USD
PocketStrike.jpg PocketStrike 7.99 USD
Sharpfire.jpg SharpFire 14.99 USD
SnapFire.jpg SnapFire 14.99 USD
Snapfire 3-pack.jpg SnapFire 3-Pack ?
StratoBow new.jpg StratoBow 29.99 USD
Terrascout.jpg TerraScout 199.99 USD
N-Strike Mega
Name Price
LightningBow.jpg Lightning Bow 19.99 USD

N-Strike Mega

Name Price
Mastodon.jpg Mega Mastodon 79.99 USD
HotShock.jpg HotShock 9.99 USD

N-Strike Modulus

Name Price
Battlescout.jpg Battlescout ICS-10 69.99 USD
Close Combat Upgrade Kit.jpg Close Combat Upgrade Kit 15.99 USD
GripBlaster.jpg Grip Blaster 7.99 USD
Ionfire.jpg IonFire 14.99 USD
Nerf modulus recon mkii.jpg Recon MKII 24.99 USD
Tactical Light Modulus.jpg Tactical Light 7.99 USD
TargetingLightBeam.jpg Targeting Light Beam 7.99 USD
TriStrike.jpg Tri-Strike 49.99 USD
Moulus walkie talkies.jpg Walkie Talkies 19.99 USD


Name Price
CornerSight.jpg CornerSight 19.99 USD
EpicActionBow.jpg Epic Action Bow 9.99 USD
Flipside.jpg Flipside 24.99 USD
Lumanate.jpg Lumanate 14.99 USD
SweetDestiny.jpg Sweet Destiny 14.99 USD
Trilogy.jpg Trilogy 6.99 USD
Wingspeed.jpg Wingspeed 19.99 USD


Name Price
Atlas red.jpg Atlas XVI-1200 39.99 USD
Battlecase.jpg Battle Case 19.99 USD
KhaosMXVI4000.jpg Khaos MXVI-4000 69.99 USD

Zombie Strike

Name Price
Brainsaw new.jpeg Brainsaw 29.99 USD
Clampdown.jpg Clampdown 5.99 USD
Clampdown 2-Pack box.jpeg Clampdown 2 Pack ?
Crosscut.jpg Crosscut 14.99 USD
SilentStrike.jpg SilentStrike 9.99 USD

Super Soaker

Cross-promotional product

Name Price
ChewbaccaBowcasterSoaker.jpg Chewbacca Bowcaster 19.99 USD
FirstOrderStormtrooperSoaker.jpg First Order Stormtrooper Blaster 19.99 USD
NERF SUPER SOAKER STAR WARS HAN SOLO Water Blaster.jpg Han Solo Blaster 14.99 USD

Nerf Super Soaker

Name Price
NERF SUPER SOAKER BOTTLE BLITZ Water Blaster.jpg Bottle Blitz 11.99 USD
NERF SUPER SOAKER BREACH BLAST Water Blaster.jpg Breach Blast 9.99 USD
BreachBlastTwoPack.jpg Breach Blast 2-Pack ?
ScatterstrikeTwoPack.jpg ScatterStrike 2-Pack ?
Name Price
NERF SUPER SOAKER H2OPS SQUALL SURGE Water Blaster.jpg Squall Surge 14.99 USD
NERF SUPER SOAKER H2OPS TORNADO SCREAM Water Blaster.jpg Tornado Scream 19.99 USD

Adventure Force

Name Price
EnforcerBeltBlaster AF.jpeg Enforcer Belt Blaster ?
Havoc AF.jpeg Havoc ?
Legendfire AF.jpeg Legendfire ?
Powerbolt AF.jpeg Powerbolt ?
TriMax.jpeg Tri-Max ?


Name Price
DoubleRush.jpg Double Rush ?
Slambow.jpg Slambow 19.99 USD
Thundercover.jpg Thundercover 4.99 USD
Boomcotriblast.jpeg Tri-Blast 7.99 USD

Cross-promotional product

Name Price
BruteSpiker.jpg Brute Spiker 19.99 USD
UNSC MA5.jpg UNSC MA5 45.99 USD

Buzz Bee

Air Warriors

Name Price
CyclonicHD.jpg Cyclonic 19.99 USD
Utdestiny.jpg Destiny 19.99 USD
NightTek.jpg Night Tek 9.99 USD
Predatorultratek.jpg Predator 9.99 USD
Reapergreenslide.jpeg Reaper (Ultra-Tek) 9.99 USD

Cross-promotional product

Name Price
Abrahamsm16.jpg Abraham's M16 19.99 USD
Andreasrifle.jpg Andrea's Rifle 14.99 USD
Carlsrevolverhd.jpg Carl's Revolver 9.99 USD
Rick shotty.jpg Rick's Shotgun 14.99 USD
WalkingDeadUltraTekDarts.jpg The Walking Dead Dart Refill 4.99 USD

Dart Zone

Name Price
Blitzfire2pack.png Blitzfire 2-Pack 14.99 USD
18 belt.jpg Eighteen dart belt ?
Enforcer.png Enforcer Belt Blaster 29.99 USD
40 dart belt.png Forty dart belt ?
Havoc.png Havoc 9.99 USD
Legendfire.png Legendfire 15.99 USD
Magnum DartZone.png Magnum 19.99 USD
PowerboltBeltBlaster.png Powerbolt Belt Blaster 19.99 USD
PowerclipDZ.jpg Powerclip Refill Pack ?
Quad4pack.png Quad 4-Pack 19.99 USD
50 dart super.png Super Dart Refill Pack varies
Tri-Fire3pack.png Tri-Fire 3-Pack 9.99 USD


Name Price
ReflexRevolver.jpg Reflex Revolver TK-6 ?