2014 is the forty-fifth year of Nerf and the twenty-fifth year of Super Soaker.


Released products


Combat Creatures

Name Price
NerfAttacknid TerraDrone 79.99 USD

N-Strike Elite

Name Price
CamECS Cam ECS-12 74.99 USD
Demolisher alt Demolisher 2-In-1 39.99 USD
Rhino-Fire Rhino-Fire 99.99 USD
SuctionDart Suction Dart Refill Pack varies
Sonic FIRE
Name Price
BarrelBreak-SonicFIRE Barrel Break IX-2 24.99 USD
Fire and ice Jolt Team Pack 19.99 USD
Strongarm-SonicFIRE Strongarm 14.99 USD
Sonic ICE
Name Price
Centurion-SonicICE Centurion 39.99 USD
Fire and ice Jolt Team Pack 19.99 USD

N-Strike Mega

Name Price
1374765 356638724470310 636488361 n Magnus 14.99 USD
Thunderbow Mega ThunderBow 39.99 USD


Secrets & Spies
Name Price
Rebelle Agent Bow Agent Bow 29.99 USD
Nerf Rebelle Diamondista blaster Diamondista 9.99 USD
Nerf Rebelle Messenger blaster Messenger 14.99 USD
Nerf Rebelle Rapid Red blaster Rapid Red 29.99 USD
Nerf Rebelle Spylight blaster Spylight 19.99 USD
Super Stripes Collection
Name Price
FiveByFive Five-By-Five 14.99 USD
RapidGlow Rapid Glow 29.99 USD
WildGlamSet Wild Glam Set 19.99 USD

Zombie Strike

Name Price
CrossFire new Crossfire Bow 19.99 USD
1d1d Doublestrike 9.99 USD
Fusefire-2 Fusefire 19.99 USD
Ricochet new Ricochet 7.99 USD
RipshotFinalized Ripshot 9.99 USD
Slingfire SlingFire 24.99 USD
Sidestrike-2 Sidestrike 14.99 USD
ZStrikeBlade Strikeblade 12.99 USD
JoltTarget Target Set 9.99 USD
Z-Bat Z-Bat ? USD

Z.E.D. Squad

Name Price
2x4 2x4 14.99 USD
Chainsaw Chainsaw 19.99 USD
CrowbarHammerCombatKit Crowbar Combat Kit 19.99 USD
ClearShot Clear Shot 14.99 USD
HammerKit Hammer Combat Kit 19.99 USD
Longshot Zombie1 Longshot CS-12 34.99 USD
15268009 Alt01 Magnus 2-Pack 29.99 USD
15268008 Alt01 201406101340-1 Mega Dart 9.99 USD
WrenchAxe Z-Wrench Axe 14.99 USD

Super Soaker

Nerf Super Soaker

Name Price
Alphafire Alphafire 4.99 USD
BarrageOriginal Barrage 19.99 USD
DoubleDrenchOriginal Double Drench 14.99 USD
Flash blast Flash Blast (re-release) 9.99 USD
FreezefireOriginal Freezefire 9.99 USD
Microburst Microburst (re-release) 5.99 USD
Nerfscatterblast Scatter Blast (re-release) 9.99 USD
Shotwave Shotwave (re-release) 14.99 USD
TriStrikeCrossbowOriginal Tri Strike Crossbow 24.99 USD
Zipfire Zipfire ? USD
Sonic FIRE
Name Price
TidalTubeAlphafireDefender Tidal Tube & Alphafire Defender Pack 24.99 USD
Sonic ICE
Name Price
TidalTubeAlphafireDefender Tidal Tube & Alphafire Defender Pack 24.99 USD
Storm Series
Name Price
HydrostormOriginal Hydrostorm 19.99 USD


Name Price
BlueCrush Blue Crush 12.99 USD
DolphinaBow Dolphina Bow 17.99 USD
MiniMissionBlue Mini Mission 4.99 USD