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2014 is the forty-fifth anniversary of the Nerf brand and the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Super Soaker brand.


Released products


Combat Creatures

Name Price
NerfAttacknid.jpg TerraDrone 79.99 USD

N-Strike Elite

Name Price
CamECS.jpg Cam ECS-12 74.99 USD
Demolisher alt.png Demolisher 2-In-1 39.99 USD
HipHolster.jpg Hip Holster ?
PrecisionTargetSetPackaging.jpg Precision Target Set 9.99 USD
RangePakHipHolster.jpg Range P.A.K. & Hip Holster ?
Rhino-Fire .png Rhino-Fire 99.99 USD
Sidestrike-2pack.jpg Sidestrike 2-Pack 24.99 USD
SuctionDart.jpg Suction Dart Refill Pack varies
Vision.jpg Vision Gear 6.99 USD
Sonic FIRE
Name Price
BarrelBreak-SonicFIRE.jpg Barrel Break IX-2 24.99 USD
JoltTeamPack.jpeg Jolt Team Pack 19.99 USD
Strongarm-SonicFIRE.jpg Strongarm 14.99 USD
Sonic ICE
Name Price
Centurion-SonicICE.jpg Centurion 39.99 USD
JoltTeamPack.jpeg Jolt Team Pack 19.99 USD

N-Strike Mega

Name Price
Magnus.jpg Magnus 14.99 USD
Thunderbowmega.jpg Mega ThunderBow 39.99 USD


Secrets & Spies
Name Price
RebelleSSarrow-box.jpg Arrow Refill Pack 7.99 USD
Rebelle Agent Bow.jpg Agent Bow 29.99 USD
Bliss.jpg Bliss 4.99 USD
Nerf Rebelle Diamondista blaster.jpg Diamondista 9.99 USD
SecretMessageDart8.jpg Message Dart Refill Pack 7.99 USD
Nerf Rebelle Messenger blaster.jpg Messenger 14.99 USD
Nerf Rebelle Rapid Red blaster.jpg Rapid Red 29.99 USD
Nerf Rebelle Spylight blaster.jpg Spylight 19.99 USD
NERF-Rebelle-Molded-Walkie-Talkie--pTRU1-18424107dt.jpg Walkie Talkie ?
SASVisionGear.jpg Vision Gear 6.99 USD
Code Red Collection
Name Price
AgentBow-CodeRed.jpg Agent Bow ?
SweetMystery.jpg Sweet Mystery set ?
Super Stripes Collection
Name Price
FiveByFive.jpg Five-By-Five 14.99 USD
RapidGlow.jpg Rapid Glow 29.99 USD
WildGlamSet.jpg Wild Glam Set 19.99 USD

Zombie Strike

Name Price
CrossFire new.jpg Crossfire Bow 19.99 USD
Doublestrike.jpg Doublestrike 9.99 USD
Fusefire-2.jpg Fusefire 19.99 USD
Zombie Strike Glow Disc.jpg Glow-In-The-Dark Disc Refill Pack ?
Nzs-hipholster-1.jpg Hip Blaster Holster ?
Ricochet new.png Ricochet 7.99 USD
RipshotFinalized.png Ripshot 9.99 USD
RoughCut2x42Pack.jpg Rough Cut 2x4 2 Pack 26.99 USD
Sidestrike-2.jpg Sidestrike 14.99 USD
Slingfire.jpg SlingFire 24.99 USD
ZStrikeBlade.jpg Strikeblade 12.99 USD
JoltTarget.jpg Target Set 9.99 USD
XLRdisc-ZStrike.jpg XLR Disc Refill Pack varies
Z-Bat.jpg Z-Bat ?
Z.E.D. Squad
Name Price
2x4.jpg 2x4 14.99 USD
Chainsaw.jpg Chainsaw 19.99 USD
CrowbarHammerCombatKit.JPG Crowbar Combat Kit 19.99 USD
ClearShot.jpg Clear Shot 14.99 USD
HammerKit.jpg Hammer Combat Kit 19.99 USD
Longshot Zombie1.jpg Longshot CS-12 34.99 USD
Magnus2Pack.jpg Magnus 2 Pack 29.99 USD
Zombie Strike Zed Squad MEGA Dart.png Zombie Strike Mega Dart Refill Pack 9.99 USD
WrenchAxe.jpg Z-Wrench Axe 14.99 USD

Super Soaker

Nerf Super Soaker

Name Price
Alphafire.jpg Alphafire 4.99 USD
BarrageOriginal.jpg Barrage 19.99 USD
DoubleDrenchOriginal.jpg Double Drench 14.99 USD
Flash blast.png Flash Blast 9.99 USD
FreezefireOriginal.jpg Freezefire 9.99 USD
Microburst.png Microburst 5.99 USD
Nerfscatterblast.jpg Scatter Blast 9.99 USD
Shotwave.png Shotwave 14.99 USD
TidalTubePackaging.png Tidal Tube 2-Pack 11.99 USD
TriStrikeCrossbowOriginal.jpg Tri Strike Crossbow 24.99 USD
Zipfire.jpg Zipfire ?
Sonic FIRE
Name Price
TidalTubeAlphafireDefender.jpg Tidal Tube & Alphafire Defender Pack 24.99 USD
Sonic ICE
Name Price
TidalTubeAlphafireDefender.jpg Tidal Tube & Alphafire Defender Pack 24.99 USD
Storm Series
Name Price
HydrostormOriginal.jpg Hydrostorm 19.99 USD


Name Price
BlueCrush.jpg Blue Crush 12.99 USD
DolphinaBow.jpg Dolphina Bow 17.99 USD
MiniMissionBlue.jpg Mini Mission 4.99 USD

Air Zone

Name Price
RenegadeAirZone.jpg Renegade 12.99 USD

Buzz Bee

Air Warriors

Name Price
GunSmoke.jpg GunSmoke 14.99 USD
Predator.jpg Predator 19.99 USD
Sonic6.jpg Sonic 6 9.99 USD
VampHunter.jpg Vampire Hunter 14.99 USD
PowerBow.jpg Power Bow ?
Air Warriors EXTREME
Name Price
Blastzooka.jpg Blastzooka ?


Name Price
2in1Bandolier-box.png 2-In-1 Bandolier 16.99 USD
ClipandDarts.png Clip & Darts 8.99 USD
Clipfire.jpg Clipfire 9.99 USD
DualDefendersbox.jpg Dual Defenders 18.99 USD
EpicBlastPack.jpg Epic Blast Pack 49.99 USD
ExtremeBattlePack.jpg Extreme Battle Pack 39.99 USD
EyeGear-box.png Eye Gear 7.99 USD
Farshot.jpg Farshot 9.99 USD
HeadtoHeadBlasterPack.jpg Head-to-Head Blaster Pack 29.99 USD
RapidMadness.jpg Rapid Madness 49.99 USD
RoundsandMagazine.png Rounds & Magazine 9.99 USD
BOOMcodarts.jpg Smart Stick Dart Refill Pack varies
SmartStickTargetsbox.jpg Smart Stick Target Refill Pack 4.99 USD
StealthAmbush.png Stealth Ambush 39.99 USD
TwistedSpinner.jpg Twisted Spinner 24.99 USD
UltimateRoundsPack.jpg Ultimate Rounds Pack ?
Whipblast.jpg Whipblast 13.99 USD

Dart Zone

Name Price
Eagle.jpg Eagle ?
Raptor.jpg Raptor ?
Scorpiongatlingblaster.png Scorpion Motorized Automatic Gatling Blaster 19.99 USD
Talon.jpg Talon 9.99 USD