2013 was the forty-fourth anniversary for the Nerf brand and the twenty-fourth anniversary of the Super Soaker brand.


Products released



Name Year
Nerf-blazin-bow Blazin' Bow 19.99 USD

N-Strike Elite

Name Year
Alpha Trooper Elite Alpha Trooper CS-12 19.99 USD
Blastersleeve-Elite Blaster Sleeve 19.99 USD
Elitefirestrike Firestrike 9.99 USD
MissionAppcradlebox Mission App Tactical Rail Mount 14.99 USD
Rapidstrike CS-18 RapidStrike CS-18 39.99 USD
Elite Rayven Rayven CS-18 34.99 USD
NSE Rayven Stinger Rayven Stinger 19.99 USD
Spectre REV-5 NSE Spectre REV-5 19.99 USD
Strongarm Strongarm 9.99 USD
Stryfe Stryfe 19.99 USD
Nerf N strike elite Triad ex 3 Triad EX-3 6.99 USD
Multishot Madness
Name Year
Roughcut Rough Cut 2x4 19.99 USD

N-Strike Elite Mega

Name Year
Centurion Centurion 49.99 USD


Name Year
RebelleCB Guardian Crossbow 24.99 USD
Nerf rebelle heartbreaker bow Heartbreaker Bow 19.99 USD
RebelleiOSmountbox Mission Central App Rail Mount 14.99 USD
Nerf rebelle pink crush 2 Pink Crush 9.99 USD
Rebelle stealth2pack Power Pair 12.99 USD
Nerf Rebelle wildshot Sweet Revenge Kit 19.99 USD


Name Year
Revonix360edit Revonix360 39.99 USD
Multishot Madness
Name Year
Diatron Diatron 19.99 USD

Zombie Strike

Name Year
Blastersleeve-ZStrike Blaster Sleeve 19.99 USD
ZombieStrikeBandanaFinal Dual Face Bandana 4.99 USD
Hammershot Hammershot 14.99 USD
Sledgefire SledgeFire 27.99 USD
ZStrikeStarterKit Starter Kit 14.99 USD
NerfZBombCollection Z-Bomb 9.99 USD
ZbombHolster Z-Bomb Holster 12.99 CAD
P1030331 Zombie Machete 14.99 USD

Super Soaker

Nerf Super Soaker

Name Year
Flash Blast Flash Blast 8.99 USD
Shotwave Shotwave 14.99 USD
Super Soaker X-TREME
Name Year
Super soaker arctic shock Arctic Shock 19.99 USD
Hydro pack Hydro Pack 19.97 USD
Super soaker switch shot Switch Shot 29.99 USD

Air Zone

Name Year
X-ShotZombieMicro Micro X Shot ?
OverUnder-AirZone Over Under ?

Buzz Bee

Air Blasters

Name Year
AutoTek20 Auto Tek 20 ?

Air Warriors

Name Year
AutoTek20 Auto Tek 20 ?
SideWinder Side Winder 17.99 USD
Tek5 Tek 5 7.99 USD


Name Year
XShotMicro Micro 3.99 USD

X-Shot Excel

Name Year
X-ShotDualExcel Dual 4.99 USD
XShotExcelDart10 Excel Dart Refill Pack varies
X-ShotMicroExcel Micro 3.99 USD
X-ShotScopeExcel Scope 18.99 USD
X-ShotStalkerExcel Stalker ?
TurboFireExcel Turbo-Fire 29.99 USD
X-ShotVigilanteExcel Vigilante 14.99 USD
Xcess Excel Xcess ?

X-Shot Girl

Name Year
X-ShotStalkerArtemis Artemis ?
X-ShotGirlMicro Micro 3.99 USD

X-Shot Zombie

Name Year
X-ShotZombieDual Dual 4.99 USD
X-ShotZombieMicro Micro 3.99 USD
X-ShotZombieScope Scope 18.99 USD
X-ShotStalkerZombie Stalker ?
TurboFireZombie Turbo-Fire 29.99 USD
X-ShotVigilanteZombie Vigilante 14.99 USD
X-ShotXcessZombie Xcess ?
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