2012 is the forty-third anniversary for the Nerf brand and the twenty-third anniversary for the Super Soaker brand.


Products released


Cross-promotional product

Name Price
Hawkeyebbb Avengers' Hawkeye Bow 24.99 USD
Clue Elimination package Clue Elimination 29.99 USD
Ninjacommandoblaster Ninja Commando Blaster 24.99 USD


Light It Up
Name Price
81-nZFUL1TL. AA1500 Rayven CS-18 29.99 USD

N-Strike Elite

Name Price
Bandolierkitbox Bandolier Kit 14.99 USD
Rapidstrikemissionkit Rapid Strike Mission Kit 54.99 USD
Hailfire product Hail-Fire 39.99 USD
Rampage Rampage 34.99 USD
Retaliator Retaliator 24.99 USD
Stockade Stockade 19.99 USD
Elitetacticalvestpackaging Tactical Vest Kit 24.99 USD

Nerf Sports

Firevision Sports
Name Price
Firevision football Firevision Sports Football 19.99 USD
Firevision frames Firevision Sports Frames 5.99 USD
Firevisionhyperball Firevision Sports Hyper Bounce Ball 9.99 USD
Firevisionhoop Firevision Sports Nerfoop 14.99 USD


Name Price
Pyragon Pyragon 39.99 USD
Light It Up
Name Price
Lumitron Lumitron 29.99 USD
Sonic Series
Name Price
SonicPraxis Praxis 29.99 USD
PTRU1-12844799enh-z6 Proton 14.99 USD
Sonicseriesvigilon Vigilon 17.99 USD

Super Soaker

Nerf Super Soaker

Name Price
Microburst Microburst 5.99 USD
Storm Series
Name Price
Electrostorm Electrostorm 9.99 USD
P1030968 Lightningstorm 24.99 USD

Air Zone

Air Blasters

Name Price
8DartsBlaster 8 Darts Blaster ?
Dual3 Dual ?
RogueAirZoneRed Rogue ?
TurboFireX-Shot Turbo-Fire ?
TurboFireAirZone3 Turbo Fire 20 Shot ?
X-ShotVigilanteZombie Vigilante ?
X-ShotXcessZombie Xcess ?

Buzz Bee

Air Blasters

Name Price
Cougar Cougar ?
Jaguar Jaguar ?
Rogue Rogue 4.99 USD

Air Warriors

Name Price
Cougar Cougar ?
Jaguar Jaguar ?
Overlord Overlord 34.99 UDS
RapidFireTek Rapid Fire Tek ?
Rogue Rogue 4.99 USD

Dart Zone

Name Price
Unknown Belt Blaster ?
Quickfire10 DZ Quickfire 10 ?


Name Price
X-ShotStalker Stalker ?
X-ShotVigilante Vigilante 14.99 USD
X-ShotXcess Xcess ?


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