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2011 is the forty-second anniversary for the Nerf brand and the twenty-second anniversary for the Super Soaker brand.


  • The Nerf Vortex, Gear Up, and Whiteout series begin.
  • Nerf wins the awards for "Boy Toy of the Year" with the Stampede ECS and the "Outdoor Toy of Year" with the Shot Blast from the 11th Annual Toy of the Year Awards, held at the American International Toy Fair held in New York City.
  • The Nerf Dart Tag League holds its third annual competition at the ESPN Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Florida.
  • The Zuru X-Shot brand begins.
  • The Buzz Bee Air Warriors series begins.

Products released


Cross-promotional product

Name Price
Thorhammer.jpg Armor of Asgard Thor Hammer 9.99 USD
ThorSword.jpg Armor of Asgard Thor Sword 9.99 USD
Bumblebee comicon2.jpg Barricade RV-10 (Bumblebee) 24.99 USD
Hasbro-2011-SDCC-OptimusPrimeNerf a.jpeg Barricade RV-10 (Optimus Prime) 24.99 USD
Star-wars-basic-blaster-cad-bane.jpg Cad Bane Blaster 8.99 USD
CaptainRexBlaster.jpg Captain Rex Blaster 8.99 USD
Grevious.jpg General Grievous Blaster 8.99 USD
OptimusCyberBlaster.jpg Robo Power Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster 29.99 USD

Dart Tag

Name Price
Quick162Player.JPG Deluxe 2-Player Starter Pack ?
Darttagjersey.jpg Official competition jersey 15.99 USD
Quick16pic.JPG Quick 16 24.99 USD
Sharpshotdarttag.jpg Sharp Shot 9.99 USD
Speedload6pic.JPG Speedload 6 Starter Pack ?
Speedload62Player.jpg Speedload 6 17.99 USD
Nerf+Dart+Tag+Speedswarm+-+03.JPG Speedswarm 17.99 USD
Nerf-dart-tag-swarmfire.jpg Swarmfire 34.99 USD
Trainingjersey.jpg Training jersey 7.99 USD


Name Price
Vantage.jpg Vantage Sword 9.99 USD
Vendettasword.jpg Vendetta Double Sword 19.99 USD


Name Price
BigBadBow NS.JPG Big Bad Bow 19.99 USD
Joltex1.jpg Jolt EX-1 4.99 USD
ReflexBox2.jpg Reflex IX-1 2-Pack ?
Scout2Pack.jpg Scout IX-3 2-Pack ?
Techtarget2player.jpg Tech Target 2-Player Set 24.99 USD
Gear Up
Name Price
Barricade Gear Up.jpg Barricade RV-10 14.99 USD
Maverick Gear Up.jpg Maverick REV-6 8.99 USD
Raider Gear Up.jpg Raider CS-35 29.99 USD
GUReconstuff.jpg Recon CS-6 19.99 USD
Sonic Series
Name Price
Barrelbreaksonic.jpg Barrel Break IX-2 19.99 USD
Sonicseriesbarricade.jpg Barricade RV-10 19.99 USD
Soniclongstrike.jpg LongStrike CS-6 44.99 USD
Stampede Sonic.jpg Stampede ECS 54.99 USD
Whiteout Series
Name Price
Whiteout deploy05.jpg Deploy CS-6 ?
Nerf Whiteout Series Longstrike CS-6 - 05.JPG LongStrike CS-6 29.99 USD
Nerf Whiteout Series Maverick - 03.JPG Maverick REV-6 9.97 USD
Nitefinderwhiteout.jpg Nite Finder EX-3 ?


Name Price
Nitronnew.jpg Nitron 39.99 USD
Praxisnew.jpg Praxis 24.99 USD
Protonnew.png Proton 9.99 USD
Vigilonnew.jpg Vigilon 15.99 USD
Vortextechkit.jpg Vortex Tech Kit 7.99 USD
XLR10.jpg XLR Disc Refill Pack varies

Super Soaker

Nerf Super Soaker

Name Price
Supersoakerhydrocannon.jpg Hydro Cannon 24.99 USD
PointBreak.JPG Point Break 6.99 USD
Scatterblast.jpg Scatter Blast 9.99 USD
TornadoStrike.JPG Tornado Strike 19.99 USD
Storm Series
Name Price
Supersoakertstorm.jpg Thunderstorm 14.99 USD

Buzz Bee

Air Blasters

Name Price
RADS12.jpg RADS 12 9.99 USD
Surge6.jpg Surge 6 ?
Surge10.jpg Surge 10 ?
TorrentOriginal.png Torrent 14.99 USD
Turbo12.jpg Turbo 12 ?

Air Warriors

Name Price
AirTek8.jpg Air Tek 8 ?
Auto20.jpg Automatic 20 30.99 USD
BeltBlastergreen.jpg Belt Blaster 19.99 USD
BlowBlaster.jpg Blow Blaster ?
AirBlastersDoubleShot.jpg Double Shot 12.99 USD
Hawk.jpg Hawk 14.99 USD
Hunter.jpg Hunter ?
Maniac.jpg Maniac 24.99 USD
Mech12.jpg Mech 12 ?
24 foam darts refill pack.jpg Micro Dart Refill Pack varies
PirateFlintlock.jpg Pirate Blaster ?
RADS12.jpg RADS 12 9.99 USD
Surge6.jpg Surge 6 ?
Surge10.jpg Surge 10 ?
BuzzBeeTek3.jpeg Tek 3 2.99 USD
Tek4.jpg Tek 4 11.99 USD
Tek6.jpg Tek 6 ?
Tek10.jpg Tek 10 ?
TetraStrike.jpg Tetra-Strike 7.99 USD
TorrentOriginal.png Torrent 14.99 USD
Turbo12.jpg Turbo 12 ?

Dart Zone

Name Price
Quickfire12.jpg Quickfire 12 ?


Name Price
Dual1.png Dual 4.99 USD
X-ShotSidewinder.png Sidewinder ?
StealthX-Shot.jpg Stealth 7.99 USD
X-ShotThundershot.JPG Thundershot ?
TurboFireX-Shot.jpg Turbo-Fire 29.99 USD