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2010 is forty-first anniversary for the Nerf brand and the twenty-first anniversary for the Super Soaker brand.


  • Hasbro merges their Nerf and Super Soaker brands together.
  • Nerf sues its rival companies Lanard Toys and Buzz Bee Toys for patent violation for Super Soakers and Nerf-brand blasters; Lanard infringed the Disc Shot set, while Buzz Bee infringed on various Super Soaker blasters. Nerf wins the lawsuit against Buzz Bee, who is banned from producing any sort of water blaster.
  • The N-Strike Sonic Series begins.
  • The Utah Determinators win the second annual Nerf Dart Tag League tournament.
  • The Prime Time Toys Dart Zone brand begins.

Products released


Cross-promotional product

Name Price
Hasbro ironman2nerfironstrikeblaster.jpg Iron Strike Blaster 19.99 USD


Name Price
KlawHatchet.jpg Klaw Hatchet 8.99 USD
Marauder.jpg Marauder Long Sword 17.99 USD
StonewallSwordShield.jpg Stonewall Shield & Sword 24.99 USD
Warlock (3).jpg Warlock Axe 19.99 USD


Name Price
AlphaTrooper.jpg Alpha Trooper CS-18 19.99 USD
AmmoBox open.jpeg Ammo Box 29.99 USD
Barrel Break IX-2.jpg Barrel Break IX-2 19.99 USD
Barricade RV-10.jpg Barricade RV-10 19.99 USD
Deploy CS-6.jpg Deploy CS-6 19.99 USD
18 dart drum.jpg Eighteen dart drum 19.99 USD
Nerf-Longstrike-CS-6-1024x320.jpg LongStrike CS-6 29.99 USD
Quickblastgame.jpg Quick Blast Game 15.00 USD
RapidFireAS-20.jpg Rapid Fire AS-20 29.99 USD
Spectre REV-5.jpg Spectre REV-5 19.99 USD
Stampede.jpg Stampede ECS 49.99 USD
Clear Series
Name Price
Deploy Clear.jpg Deploy CS-6 19.99 USD
NERF N-STRIKE NITE FINDER EX-3 - Clear Series.jpg Nite Finder EX-3 6.99 USD
Raider Clear.jpg Raider CS-35 29.99 USD
Nerf-n-strike-clear-recon-cs-6.jpg Recon CS-6 19.99 USD
Nerf Clear Series Vulcan EBF-25 - 02.jpg Vulcan EBF-25 49.99 USD
Sonic Series
Name Price
Nerf Sonic Series N-Strike Deploy - Blaster.jpg Deploy CS-6 19.99 USD
Maverick Sonic.jpg Maverick REV-6 8.99 USD
Nerf-sonic-series-n-strike-nite-finder-blaster-copy.jpg Nite Finder EX-3 6.99 USD
Nerf Sonic Series N-Strike Recon - Blaster.jpg Recon CS-6 29.99 USD
Nerf Sonic Series N-Strike Vulcan - Blaster.jpg Vulcan EBF-25 49.99 USD

Super Soaker

Cross-promotional product

Name Price
Ironmansupersoaker.jpg Iron Man 2 Water Blaster 19.99 USD
SecretStrikeTransformers.jpg Secret Strike ?
SneakAttackTransformers.jpeg Sneak Attack ?

Soaker Wars

Name Price
Bottleblitz.png Bottle Blitz 7.99 USD
HydroFurySoakerTag.jpg Hydro Fury 2-Pack 9.99 USD
Hasbro nerfsupersoakerrattler.jpg Rattler 14.99 USD
Hasbro nerfsupersoakershotblastwaterblaster.jpg Shot Blast 19.99 USD

Air Zone

Name Price
PowerStrike48.jpg Power Strike 48 ?


Name Price
QuickloadPowerBlaster.jpg Quickload Power Blaster 19.99 USD

Buzz Bee

Air Blasters

Name Price
AirTek8.jpg Air Tek 8 ?
Hawk.jpg Hawk 14.99 USD
Hunter.jpg Hunter ?
TetraStrike.jpg Tetra-Strike 7.99 USD

Dart Zone

Name Price
GatlingBlaster.jpg Gatling Blaster ?