2009 is the fortieth year of Nerf and the twentieth year for Super Soaker.


Released products


Dart Tag

Image Name Price
Capturetheflag Capture the Flag ? USD
Furyfire Furyfire 34.99 USD


Image Name Price
Raider new Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 32.99 USD
Reflex II Reflex IX-1 3.95 USD
42B3810719B9F3691048DE2F8F3FB234 Tactical Vest Kit 25.99 USD
Red Strike
Image Name Price
Red-longshot-cs6 Longshot CS-6 34.99 USD
Red-recon-cs6 Recon CS-6 ? USD
Red-vulcan-ebf25 Vulcan EBF-25 54.99 USD

Super Soaker

2008 series

Image Name Price
SuperSoaker50Anniv2 Super Soaker 50 ? USD