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The 2008 Super Soaker series is the unofficial designation for an unnamed series of Super Soakers that began in 2008.


The 2008 series features just two new blasters; the Quick Blast and Bottle Shot. The series also returned many older blasters back into circulation, such as blasters previously thought to be discontinued after the Aquashock line.


The oldest blaster in the series is the XP-70, initially released in 1998 under the XP series, not counting the Super Soaker 50. The entire returning line from 2010's Soaker Wars line consisted of blasters that had been released in this line, although some blasters did not make the jump.


Super Soakers

Name Year
ArcticBlast2008.jpg Arctic Blast 2008
ArcticShock2008.jpg Arctic Shock 2008
BottleShot2008.jpg Bottle Shot 2008
FlashFlood2008.JPG Flash Flood 2008
Helix2008.png Helix 2008
MaxD2000-2008.png Max-D 2000 2008
MaxD3000TwinPack08.jpg Max-D 3000 2008
MaxD6000-2008-2.png Max-D 6000 2008
QuickBlast2008-2.jpg Quick Blast 2008
SecretStrike2008.jpg Secret Strike 2008
SneakAttack2Pack.JPG Sneak Attack 2008
MaxDSecretStrike2008.jpg Sneak Strike 2008
Splashfire2008.jpg Splash Fire 2008
Vaporizer2008.jpg Vaporizer 2008
XP70-2008.jpg XP-70 2008
XP215-2008.jpg XP-215 2008
XP220-2008.jpg XP-220 2008