2006 is the thirty-seventh anniversary for the Nerf brand and the seventeenth anniversary for the Super Soaker brand.



Super Soaker

Products released


Ball Blasters

Name Price
Nerf buzzsaw Buzzsaw 27.99 USD
7208301733130577 Reactor 12.99 USD

Cross-promotional product

Name Price
AUTOIMAGES HS87826lg Clone Trooper Blaster 19.99 USD


Name Price
Longshot in Blue Longshot CS-6 34.99 USD

Super Soaker

Max Infusion

Name Price
DefenderNoBox Defender ? USD
OverloadBox Overload ? USD

Buzz Bee

Ruff Stuff Air Blasters

Name Price
BigBlast Big Blast ? USD
Unknown Blow Dart Shooter ? USD
MechTommy20 Mech Tommy 20 ? USD
Unknown Mustang 6 ? USD
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