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The 2003 series is the unofficial designation for an unnamed series of Nerf products that began in 2003.


The 2003 series featured mainly re-releases of older blasters from the Air Tech, AirJet Power, and Power Nerf series. Only two blasters released under the series were new: the Nite Finder and the Tech Target Eliminator from the Tech Target Set.


The 2003 series remained in production until around late 2004, when the packaging was switched over to the modern variant used until 2010. All blasters with the exception of the SuperMAXX 350 would later be re-released.

2003 series products


Name Year released
OfficialHasbroAT1K.jpg Air Tech 1000 2003
Airtech2000.jpg Air Tech 2000 2003
Airtech3000HD.jpg Air Tech 3000 2003
Firestrike.jpg Nite Finder 2003
Rapid fire 20.jpg Rapid Fire 20 2003
Nerf-n-strike-secret-strike-as-1.jpg Secret Strike Pocket Blaster 2003
SM350Reg1.jpg SuperMAXX 350 2003
Techtargetspistol.jpg Tech Target Eliminator 2003 (Tech Target Set)

Product sets

Name Year released
Techtarget1.jpg Tech Target Set 2003