1998 is the twenty-ninth anniversary for the Nerf brand and the ninth anniversary for the Super Soaker brand.


Products released


Hyper Sight

Name Price
Nerf-big-bad-bow Big Bad Bow 19.99 USD
Nerf hyper sight expand a blast Expand-a-Blast 19.95 USD
LOCKNLOAD Lock 'n Load 14.99 USD
MonoBlast Mono Blast 7.99 USD
RangeShotAngled Range Shot 9.99 USD

Mega Blitz

Name Price
Nitroquad NitroQuad 9.99 USD
Pulsator sm Pulsator 19.95 USD
RipChord RipChord 14.99 USD
100 5805 Triple Torch 9.99 USD


Name Price
250box SuperMAXX 250 6.99 USD
Supermaxx5000 SuperMAXX 5000 24.99 USD
SuperMAXXDiscShooterLightDamage SuperMAXX Disc Shooter 19.99 USD


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