1997 is the twenty-eight anniversary for the Nerf brand and the eighth anniversary for the Super Soaker brand.


Products released


Cyber Stryke Gear

Name Price
Armorshot ArmorShot 12.99 USD
Commlinkiiblaster CommLink II 24.99 USD
RatchetBlastBlaster Ratchet Blast 14.99 USD
Rototrack RotoTrack 19.99 USD

Max Force 2112

Name Price
CoralViper Coral Viper 19.99 USD
Electriceel box Electric Eel 24.99 USD
LaserFangBox Laser Fang 24.99 USD
Madhornet Mad Hornet 14.99 USD
Razorfin Razor Fin 14.99 USD
VenomShot Venom Shot 19.99 USD

Nerf Sports

Name Price
ShotClock1997 Electronic Shot Clock Basketball ?
GrandslamTBall Grandslam T-Ball Set ?
Unknown Remote Control Pitching Machine ?
Head 2 Head
Name Price
Unknown Goalie Showdown Hockey ?


Name Price
Nerf supermaxx 750 SuperMAXX 750 9.95 USD
SuperMaxx1500-2 SuperMAXX 1500 14.95 USD
Supermaxx3000blue SuperMAXX 3000 (blue) 19.99 USD
Nerfsupermaxx3000yellow SuperMAXX 3000 (yellow) 19.99 USD


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