1996 is the twenty-seventh anniversary for the Nerf brand and the seventh anniversary for the Super Soaker brand.


Products released



Name Year
Nerfglider Glider Launcher ?

Cyber Stryke Gear

Name Year
Autogrip AutoGrip 14.99 USD
Defendert3 Defender T3 24.99 USD
Perceptor Perceptor 19.99 USD
CyberStrykeStrongarm StrongArm 15.99 USD

Max Force

Name Year
Gator Gator 9.99 USD
Mantaray Manta Ray 19.99 USD
Stingingscarab Stinging Scarab 19.99 USD
Whiptailscorpion Whiptail Scorpion 14.99 USD

Rip Rockets

Name Year
Switchfire96 Switchfire 9.99 USD
WhipshotAd Whipshot 6.99 USD


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