1995 is the twenty-sixth anniversary for the Nerf brand and the sixth anniversary for the Super Soaker brand.


Products released


Ambush Rip Rockets

Name Price
250px-BacklashBox.jpg Backlash 9.99 USD
HiddenShotBlaster.JPG Hidden Shot 9.99 USD
WristBlitzer.gif Wrist Blitzer 9.99 USD

Max Force

Name Price
Ironraptor.jpg Iron Raptor 9.99 USD
Sawtooth2.gif Sawtooth 19.99 USD
Warthog.jpg Warthog 11.99 USD

Nerf Action

Name Price
Crossbow.GIF Crossbow 24.99 USD
Ripsaw.jpg Ripsaw 14.99 USD
Secret Shot right.jpg Secret Shot 14.99 USD
Nerf sharpshooter 2.jpg Sharpshooter II 19.95 USD

Nerf Sports

Name Price
3-in-1NetSet1994.JPG 3-in-1 Net Set ?
Unknown.jpg Turbo Back-Blast Football ?
Nick & Nerf
Name Price
Nick&Nerf1995BackwardsBasketball.jpg Backwards Basketball 24.99 USD
Nick&Nerf1995Brainball.jpg Brainball ?

Super Soaker


Name Price
XP35.JPG XP-35 ?
Unknown.jpg XP-55 ?
XP95.jpg XP-95 ?

Air Zone

Name Price
MicroRapidFire.jpg Micro Rapid Fire ?


Cross-promotional product

Name Price
Batmanmissilegun.jpg Bat-Missile Blaster ?
BatSignalBlaster.jpg Bat-Signal Blaster ?
Batmanutilitybelt.jpg Combat Utility Belt ?



Name Price
SuperMaxxBallGun.jpg SuperMAXX Ball Shooter 25.99 USD

SuperMAXX Xtreme

Name Price
Nerf-supermaxx-700-nerf-gun 1 47593f7ff936c299388073322afec888.jpg SuperMAXX 700 9.99 USD
SuperMaxx2500.jpg SuperMAXX 2500 19.99 USD
SuperMaxx5000X.jpg SuperMAXX 5000 ?
SuperMaxxBallGun.jpg SuperMAXX Xtreme Ball Shooter 25.99 USD


Name Price
SuperTech9000.jpg SuperTech 9000 set ?


Name Price
Mizer.jpg Maximizer 14.99 USD


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