1995 is the twenty-seventh year for Nerf and the sixth year for Super Soaker.


Products released


Ambush Rip Rockets

Name Cost
250px-BacklashBox Backlash 9.99 USD
HiddenShotBlaster Hidden Shot 9.99 USD
IMG 0867 Wrist Blitzer 9.99 USD

Max Force

Name Cost
Ironraptor Iron Raptor 9.99 USD
Sawtooth Sawtooth 19.99 USD
Nerfmainimage Warthog 11.99 USD

Nerf Action

Name Cost
Nerf-Crossbow Crossbow 24.99 USD
Ripsaw Ripsaw 14.99 USD
Secret Shot right Secret Shot 14.99 USD
Nerf sharpshooter 2 Sharpshooter II 19.95 USD


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