1994 is the twenty-sixth year for Nerf and the fifth year for Super Soaker.


Products released


Hyper Rip Rockets

Name Price
QuickstrikeAd Quickstrike 9.99 USD
RocketstormAd Rocketstorm 9.99 USD

Max Force

Name Price
Eagleeyeblaster Eagle Eye 19.99 USD
Maxforcerattler Rattler 14.95 USD
Razorbeast Razorbeast 24.99 USD

Nerf Action

Name Price
NerfBallzooka1994-259x112 Ballzooka 29.99 USD
Chainblazer Chainblazer 14.99 USD
100 5831 Double Crossbow 19.99 USD
Sneakshot Sneak Shot 19.99 USD
SonicStingerBox Sonic Stinger Bow 'n' Arrow 19.99 USD
Switchfire1994 Switchfire 19.99 USD


Name Price
Mizer Maximizer 14.99 USD
Ultimator Ultimator 24.99 USD


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