1991 is the twenty-second anniversary for the Nerf brand and the second anniversary for the Super Soaker brand.



  • Kenner Products is merged with the Nerf brand from Parker Brothers. Hasbro then bought Kenner and obtained rights to sell Nerf products.
  • All existing blasters are re-released in a new box style, which would be used until 1992.
  • The arrow is first introduced.

Super Soaker

Products released


Original Nerf

Name Price
Bownarrow Bow 'n' Arrow 19.99 USD

Nerf Sports

Name Price
NinjaSet Ninja Set ?
ProHoop Pro Hoop ?
TurboScreamerFootballBox Turbo Screamer Football ?

Super Soaker

Classic Super Soaker

Name Price
SuperSoaker30 Super Soaker 30 ?
SuperSoaker50 Super Soaker 50 ?
SuperSoaker100 Super Soaker 100 ?


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